03/12/15 – Edinbrrrrr!

Much colder today in Edinburgh, I even walked through a snow shower on the way to the airport! Snooooow!! Love it! It was another full day of testing but it was incredibly interesting and went past very quick. Now just waiting to take off, to go back to London!

02/12/15 – Bright lights, small city!

My colleague and I are back up in Edinburgh today to do user testing over the next two days with a Scottish client. Whilst on one hand, it does mean I’ve been up since 5am it order to catch my flight here, however on the other hand.. Christmas!! Edinburgh is full of Christmas lights andContinue reading “02/12/15 – Bright lights, small city!”

06/11/15 – Friday flying

Up and back to Scotland today to present our updated designs to the client along with a few other pieces. As I was out at the fireworks last night I was pretty sleepy today.. But we made it through, impressed the client, and 17 hours later I’m back in my lovely bed. Best news todayContinue reading “06/11/15 – Friday flying”

22/10/15 – Sunshine in Scotland

It’s been a beautiful and blustery day in Scotland! The 5am starts never seem to get any easier but the weather was absolutely gorgeous, so that helped make up for it. Our client meetings went smoothly and now I’m happily back in London and on my way home.

09/10/15 – Early bird catches the plane

A 5am start kicked off today as I got a taxi to Heathrow for my flight to Edinbrugh. We caught the sunrise cutting through the fog as we waited to board the plane, so there are some bonuses to flying this early! Our workshops today went very well; the client is happy so I’m happy!Continue reading “09/10/15 – Early bird catches the plane”

23/09/15 – Edinburgh for a day

Another flying trip to Edinburgh today! With a 5am start and getting back to my home at 10pm, it’s been a pretty long day.. But also an extremely positive one, so I’m one happy bunny! This is my last trip for a couple weeks, but I’ll be back soon when I will hopefully get theContinue reading “23/09/15 – Edinburgh for a day”

17/09/15 – Short but sweet, Scotland

From having a Scottish mum, you can imagine I’ve been to Scotland many times, however I’ve actually never set foot in Edinburgh before! Man was I not disappointed, that city is beautiful. Even a day long meeting couldn’t stop me dragging my colleague off to explore.. and obviously having a customary Irn Bru. We flewContinue reading “17/09/15 – Short but sweet, Scotland”

16/09/15 – Basking in Scotland

Short one today at work as we left early just after 3pm to catch our flight to Edinbrugh. We’re only here for one night and have a full day of meetings tomorrow so tonight it was time to get our Scottish money’s worth! Aberdeen Angus steak, and a large whisky.. Yes please!