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06/09/15 – Home time on a massive plane! — Sep 6, 2015

06/09/15 – Home time on a massive plane!

We made it! It’s now Sunday evening and I’m back with my lovely boyfriend in our lovely flat, with a body clock that’s incredibly confused.. But the holiday was fantastic so I’m definitely not complaining!

I managed to get a bit of sleep but no where near enough to equal a ‘night’ but it is good to be back.
We were on this massive plane, a Boeing A380 – the first time I’ve ever been on one!

But for now, Goodnight London!


05/09/15 – So long San Fran! It’s been Gran..d —

05/09/15 – So long San Fran! It’s been Gran..d

I’m writing this from the BA Club lounge as we’re officially on our way home back to Britain.. Boo.

I’ve had an absolutely wonderful holiday in California. We’ve been so lucky with the weather as it’s been nothing but sunshine.. I’ve had some great quality time with my mum as well! But now it’s time to return to the hustle and bustle of London life and most of all the love of my life who’s also been in Estonia for the last week! Let’s fly!


04/09/15 – Traveling by Cable Car — Sep 5, 2015

04/09/15 – Traveling by Cable Car

This morning we drove back to San Fran for our final night in the city. We hadn’t planned on doing much today but it ended up being a wonderful day. We finally road the cable cars for one! Then had a few drinks at a rooftop bar overlooking union square! And between all that I managed to get a modest amount of shopping in!

Now it’s time for our last night’s sleep in San Fran before thinking about heading home tomorrow – sad times!


03/09/15 – Pool day in Monterey Bay — Sep 4, 2015

03/09/15 – Pool day in Monterey Bay

Our last full day in Monterey Bay and it was glorious! We spent the majority of today basking like sea lions in the sun.

I read so much of my book, but also got the chance for some fun in the pool! So pleased the weather held out as we’ve heard this isn’t what it’s like normally in early September!

Back to San Francisco tomorrow – road trip!


02/09/15 – A whaley good Wednesday — Sep 3, 2015

02/09/15 – A whaley good Wednesday

We went on a three hour whale watching trip today and it was fantastic! I’m pretty sure I’m saying everything is fantastic about this trip, but they truly were! We saw dozens of whales! And though the photos may not look it, they were SO close! Excellent!

Keeping with the aquatic theme we then went to the well known aquarium down the road. This was just as great as we saw loads of sea otters and puffins! What a great day for new animal experiences.


01/09/15 – Seal of approval for today! — Sep 2, 2015

01/09/15 – Seal of approval for today!

I started today off with a six mile run along Monterey Bay! I’m trying to keep up my running as I have my half marathon in a month or so, but California is WARM… But I’m trying!

As the weather started off quite cloudy today we decided to drive to Carmel, stopping off to see a few basking seals along the way! There’s tens of them in that second photo if you look close.

Finally we ended the day with a spot of sunbathing – lovely!


31/08/15 – Sun basking day — Sep 1, 2015

31/08/15 – Sun basking day

Today was a glorious day of sun bathing! Our first day of melty melty relaxation. I spent the majority of it reading and playing in the pool – just bliss!

Then it was out for evening drinks where I managed to get a number of cracking long exposure shots. Such a nice, chilled out day.

Sunburn update: Pink belly Pink belly! (I’m honestly trying not to get sunburnt! I even bought higher SPF!)


30/08/15 – Driving down the California West Coast — Aug 31, 2015

30/08/15 – Driving down the California West Coast

We managed to fit in a quick trip to Lombard Street this morning as seen, before packing our bags and heading off in our hire car.

Today we travel the west coast down to Monterey Bay for our next five nights in California. We had a gorgeous toilet break as seen in the bottom photo, and then finally drinks and dinner at the bay itself.

And thus begins the relaxing side to our Californian trip!


29/08/15 – 22 mile Californian Cycle — Aug 30, 2015

29/08/15 – 22 mile Californian Cycle

After a lovely run around the bay this morning we decided to hire bikes with the intention of cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge! And well, we did that.. And another 16 miles! We ended up cycling 22 miles from San Fran habour to Tiburon. From there (after a cocktail and some wine) we got the ferry back to the bay.

What started off as a foggy day quickly got overrode by glorious sunshine! It was a fantastic all round trip and such a great day, finished off with a great Chinese restaurant.

Sunburn update: I now have back pack strap marks. Awesome.


28/08/15 – Running to the Golden Gate Bridge — Aug 29, 2015

28/08/15 – Running to the Golden Gate Bridge

I started my day off today with an early 7.5mi run to The Golden Gate Bridge. It was quite hard as I forgot water and my music hadn’t synced.. But I did it and the pay off was excellent!

After I got back we went out for an all American breakfast then jumped on a guided tour bus for a lot of the day trying to explore a bit more whilst resting our feet.

In the evening we walked the length of China town to end up at Macy’s for dinner and some shopping! Another busy but enjoyable day in San Fran.