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01/03/19 – Happy face! — Mar 2, 2019

01/03/19 – Happy face!

I ran nine miles this morning! In a big loop to the post office to pick up a package that could have been 100% posted through our letter box. But I’m still so pleased with my run!

This evening I had Sharon round to see the house for the first time and have a cracking catch up with red wine and pizza. Good friends make all the difference to my life.

31/07/17 – Volunteering and running! — Aug 1, 2017

31/07/17 – Volunteering and running!

This evening I headed down to Battersea to do my first ever GoodGym event. The idea is pretty simple, it’s a community of runners that combines getting fit with doing good. So after a shortish run I went into clean the walls of a community centre before running back again! See, simple and rewarding!