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15/06/2012 – Rain Drop Rose — Jun 18, 2012

15/06/2012 – Rain Drop Rose

20120618-211959.jpg Another day in work, and then the last evening with the boys as we’re leaving tomorrow. We didn’t do much again, as we’re just been chatting and playing games etc, as we do. But I really wanted to get a photo like this up before we leave the house, as finally, after so much bother about the weeds in the back garden, they’re starting to look pretty!

06/04/11 — Apr 12, 2011
28/03/11 — Mar 28, 2011


Playing with 3D imagery. Here’s a bunch of flowers my boyfriend got me for my birthday, but IN 3D! (Sorry, I’ve got far too giddy over this..) You’ll need Red and Cyan glasses to view it!