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07/12/2013 – Basement Jaxx with a dash more bass — Dec 14, 2013

07/12/2013 – Basement Jaxx with a dash more bass

Busy evening tonight! We went to Brixton to see Basement Jaxx after a lovely friend gave me the tickets for free as she couldn’t make it (thanks Sarah!). They were fantastic live, my friends have raved about them being great fun before, so they definitely lived up to the hype.
Then it was onto a club night in East London in XOYO, not my cup of tea really, but a good night with the boys none the less.


16/11/2013 – Chase and Status at the O2! — Nov 18, 2013
04/08/2012 – We saw McFly! Loving life. — Aug 6, 2012

04/08/2012 – We saw McFly! Loving life.

Claire and I went to see McFly today!! They performed in Hyde Park as part of the BT Live festival. And before anyone makes fun of me, I loved it, and don’t care! It was amazing seeing them live, and I’ll be dead cold before I’ll turn down the opportunity to dance around in a field to some upbeat music! Love it!

16/05/11 — May 24, 2011


Last full day of work before a uni presentation tomorrow. Here’s something I always have on me, a heart shaped rock from Brighton Beach. Since my day has been dull, I thought I’d take a random image.