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10/02/20 – A gorgeous morning — Feb 10, 2020
09/12/15 – Eye on the River — Dec 9, 2015

09/12/15 – Eye on the River

Nic came running with me this morning! We did our fastest ever 5km when running together, not bad for getting up before 7am!

This evening we went to Westminster to meet up with Kat and Alister (my old housemates) for dinner and a couple drinks. I do love this area of London, always so bright and colourful. Lovely evening.


13/11/2013 – Cambridge to see Callum! — Nov 15, 2013
05/10/2012 – Drip Drip Drop October Rains On — Oct 5, 2012
01/08/2012 – London at Lunch — Aug 6, 2012

01/08/2012 – London at Lunch

Another lovely day in London. Decided to get away from work for a bit, and cycled to London bridge for lunch and a relax. The views are lovely around here, and I’m still enjoying myself! It’s nice to have a proper break from the office on the grass next to the river.

14/05/2012 — May 14, 2012


Another day working away at uni with a lovely trip to revs for a break and yum lunch (only one more Monday uni lunch left, sad times!). Took this photo walking home, I was being chased by an upcoming storm, and made it home within minutes of it pouring down! Only 6 days left until my final be all and end all hand in at uni! It’s just flown past.


30/04/2012 — Apr 30, 2012


Our uni remains shut due to the wind damage to the roof, but we still went for our weekly lunch in revs, which was yum! Then more work and kettle bells at the gym. Took this on the way home from the glass at the gym, I stand by the fact any city can be pretty at sunset.


29/04/11 — Apr 30, 2011
07/03/11 — Mar 7, 2011


Had to pop to Caerleon today with David after lectures. We needed to find a different way home due to traffic, and ended up with this gorgeous view! I didn’t know Newport could look so pretty! (Shot on my phone, sorry for poor quality!)