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29/07/15 – Non stop Wednesday — Jul 29, 2015

29/07/15 – Non stop Wednesday

I feel like I haven’t stopped today. Cycled into work, busy day on a new project, yoga at lunch, then cycled home only to continue running around prepping for a night out with the girls tomorrow (I baked a surprise for a certain birthday girl!).

I’m pooped. So here’s me right now as I write this, 11pm and finally being able to stop for the day.. Night!


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06/03/2014 – And breath.. — Mar 6, 2014

06/03/2014 – And breath..

A chance to relax today – it’s rest day! No running or gym today, though I did cycle 30km, so perhaps not much rest for the wicked..

Once I got home I did relax for a moment and for this photo before the ever wonderful Sue came round for dinner. One of my best friends, she’s frankly marvellous! A lovely evening in nattering, catching up and eating sweet chilli noodles, once again, I’m a happy Steph.


08/12/2013 – Hunger Games Marathon — Dec 14, 2013

08/12/2013 – Hunger Games Marathon

Last day of freedom before being thrown back in to the world of 9 til 5! I’m very nervous and excited for tomorrow, woke up really jittery from the night before, and relaxed the morning away.
I tried to ignore the nerves by going to the cinema with a good friend to see the newest Hunger Games, it worked a treat as I got McDonald’s as well and managed to escape being nervous for a while! Great last day.


24/11/2013 – Leave your worries behind — Nov 27, 2013

24/11/2013 – Leave your worries behind

Far easier said than done. Today is the day of a very sad anniversary, and it was hard.
As each year gets easier, you still have days where you can’t possibly imagine being happy again. But you have to strive on and keep going, you know it’s what they’d want. Carry on, stay brave, and keep that smile going! 🙂 x

(We left Ragdale Hall today – Already miss being in a dressing down and slippers all day… Well recommended!)


23/11/2013 – Breakfast in Bliss —
22/11/2013 – Off to Ragdale Hall! —

22/11/2013 – Off to Ragdale Hall!

What’s know as one of Europes top spas, I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been for this weekend of relaxation at Ragdale Hall.
We try to get away from home around these dates for various personal reasons, this year we chose something a bit more calm than last years New York trip! Time to melt away our worries, whilst having an early celebration of mum’s birthday!


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