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06/11/19 – Bed time reading — Nov 6, 2019
03/02/2014 – Chicken and a good book — Feb 4, 2014

03/02/2014 – Chicken and a good book

I have had a lovely day today for a variety of reasons. A few examples being a I had great day in work, followed by Earls Court Road being blocked off so there were no cars whilst cycling home, then I went to Nandos with the ever delightful Kat (former housemate) and finally snuggled up in bed with “Just my Type” one of my favourite graphic design books! This Monday was a swell Monday, let’s hope the rest of the week plays nicely too.


02/10/2013 – What’re you reading? — Oct 2, 2013

02/10/2013 – What’re you reading?

I’m currently looking at redesigning/improving my website Mainly, I need to get some sort of portfolio on there! Enter Web Design: Portfolios by Ed. Julius Wiedemann, a really good book that has countless examples of different online portfolios. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a bit of offline inspiration.
I love design books. I have plenty to my name, all neatly stacked in my bedroom with various bookmarks poking out. What would you recommend a designer has in their collection?