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18/02/20 – A half day treat — Feb 18, 2020

18/02/20 – A half day treat

Living a life of luxury today! I took a half day off work to spend some time with Rach for her birthday.

We went for lunch followed by wine in the National Opera bar and finally to see Everyone’s Talking About Jamie in the West End. It was my ideal day and we managed to somehow miss the downpour of rain at Piccadilly Circus, bonus!

02/11/19 – Welcome to Wales — Nov 2, 2019

02/11/19 – Welcome to Wales

Well the weather isn’t great, but the company is! Nic and I started off today with an incredible massage, followed by chip shop chips. I mean, as days go, this is already a pretty great one. We then donned our rain coats and headed into town to do a spot of shopping which proved to be much more successful for Nic than me…

31/01/2014 – Rainbow Run — Feb 2, 2014

31/01/2014 – Rainbow Run

I ran 6.5km this morning before work, I’m definitely getting back into the swing of it, and thoroughly enjoying it. My knee is still playing up but doesn’t seen to be getting worse, so I’m hoping it’ll recover on it’s own.

This morning’s run was glorious, it did start heavily raining at one point but it was very refreshing and then there was a large rainbow! Friday runs are the best.

Chippy tea and wine with Alister before calling it a relaxing night.


06/01/2014 – Lazy, Soggy Monday — Jan 7, 2014

06/01/2014 – Lazy, Soggy Monday

The majority of London is back in work today, so the weather came out to great us. A horrendously damp morning walking to station, followed by a car driving through a huge puddle right by me, made for a very grumpy, soggy Steph.

Onwards and upwards! Had a great PT session at the gym, then went home and relaxed, lovely!


22/09/2013 – Finding Our Roots — Sep 22, 2013

22/09/2013 – Finding Our Roots

Another lovely day getting to know our extended polish family. We’re out here meeting my mum’s cousins, which means I also get to meet my second cousins! It’s all pretty exciting and nerve wrecking as my polish is appalling (read: non-existent after please and thank yous).
We found my great grandparents grave today, it was very interesting piecing together our family tree – this photo is from the graveyard.


21/09/2013 – The Big Polish Day! —

21/09/2013 – The Big Polish Day!

After taking so many photos I found it so hard to chose just one for this post, but here it is!
Polish weddings are something else, I’ve had so much fun – with so many surprises! This wasn’t a cake with sparklers in it, it’s a boar.. with sparklers in it.. that the grandad of the groom hunted.. and brought out at 1am.
An amazing experience, everyone was so welcoming. I’ve never been spun round dancing so much in my life! Wonderful!


20/09/2013 – Heading to Poland —