17/11/2012 – I Gots me a New Coat!

Whilst I haven’t even thought about packing for New York (I’m going for a week this Wednesday!), I’ve made a bit of progress in getting a new (and much warmer) coat! This was the photo I sent to my Mum for final approval.

20/10/2012 – Pub Crawling Fenchurch

Today was great fun! Met up with a few people from work for lunch, and then we met up with a lot more of our company out on a massive pub crawl around London (totally 12 hours of drinking, but we only joined them for 6 hours of it). It was big laugh, and IContinue reading “20/10/2012 – Pub Crawling Fenchurch”

20/08/2012 – Untalented Doodler

Simple photo today, as I didn’t take any others. Just my doodles that I kept doing today as I was waiting for work to export. A fact about me is that I’m an appalling drawer, all of my designs and work are done on the PC, so when I doodle this is the extent ofContinue reading “20/08/2012 – Untalented Doodler”