04/11/15 – Pug birthday cake!

Today was my colleague Jon’s birthday! I managed to pickup this awesome pug cake for him (as he really wants a pug). Isn’t it totally adorable.. In a slightly bug eyed way.. It has been a long day today.. We have another Scottish workshop on Friday so I left work quite late tonight making sureContinue reading “04/11/15 – Pug birthday cake!”

11/10/2013 – I made a little friend!

Close friends know about my love for dogs. You can’t get me away from Reddit’s ‘Aww’ subreddit. (www.reddit.com/r/aww You’re welcome.) Which is why I was so giddy about this little guy coming to the office today! Meet Jake the Pug – isn’t he a cutie!? He was extremely excitable when he first arrived, but soonContinue reading “11/10/2013 – I made a little friend!”