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22/09/15 – Cheeky Cider Tuesday — Sep 22, 2015

22/09/15 – Cheeky Cider Tuesday

It’s the last full busy day at work before next trip up to Scotland tomorrow. I’ve definitely worked my socks off this week.. so it’ll be nice to see it all pay off! But for now, I’m having a pint Corinne’s local, as she’s so kindly put me up for the evening due to her being fantastic (and lives 10 minutes away from Heathrow!) Cheers!


17/01/2014 – Friday Time! — Jan 18, 2014

17/01/2014 – Friday Time!

Started today with a soggy 4 mile run, but I was a happy bunny as it took me 44 minutes, I’m slowly getting back to speed, next task is getting under the ten minute mile. Not long now! Though wet, the mornings are a beautiful time to run in January as the sun rises throughout the run, it can be super beautiful.
Normal day at work (as a side not, I’m totally loving my new job!) then off to the pub with some colleagues. Happy Friday all.