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14/07/15 – Happy Anniversary! — Jul 14, 2015

14/07/15 – Happy Anniversary!

Happy week anniversary blog readers!.. Even just typing that makes me feel like a 10 year old in my first ‘long term’ relationship.. Please don’t break up with me at playtime..

On a slightly grander scale, today also marks three years of living in London! This last year has really been the best yet as I got to spend it with Nic and met so many lovely new friends.

It was another damp day today but still warm! Corinne and I went for an extremely muggy run at lunchtime.. Keep plowing on summer, I believe in you!


09/07/15 – I’m on a boat! — Jul 10, 2015

09/07/15 – I’m on a boat!

Get on your dancing shoes, it’s time to celebrate the fact we still have jobs!

Today was our annual profits party, so it was all aboard for a night on The Silver Sturgeon! The night flew by and we got some lovely photos though this one was definitely my favorite from the evening..


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