01/10/2013 – The Book of Mormon!

I finally got to see The Book of Mormon, my lovely friend Richard bought tickets and it was a great night. The songs were brilliant, I was laughing throughout the entire thing – a brilliant performance all round. I would highly recommend it, I’m already listening to the soundtrack! Ran 10km this morning in 1hr10,Continue reading “01/10/2013 – The Book of Mormon!”

30/09/2013 – The Old Organisation Game

It’s amazing the number of things you can find yourself doing when you should be doing something more important. In my case, it’s organising. Anything and everything, I can create a new order it should be in, or a shuffle to work out what I can get rid of. I suppose it’s better than justContinue reading “30/09/2013 – The Old Organisation Game”

29/09/2013 – Such a Familiar View

Ah the familiar scene of working on my iPad whilst the world flys past – I’m on my way back to London, it’s home time. After a lovely weekend in Wilmslow I’m back riding the warm Northern underground line whilst writing this up. I have the strongest love/hate relationship with this city – it drivesContinue reading “29/09/2013 – Such a Familiar View”

28/09/2013 – Final Frock Fitting

Travelling up to Wilmslow today for my final dress fitting before my cousins wedding next weekend! It’s very near now and I’m excited to be one of three bridesmaids. Quick journey up in first class Virgin train, disappointed the service is so different from the weekday trains, but hey ho, better than nothing, and theContinue reading “28/09/2013 – Final Frock Fitting”

27/09/2013 – Back and Breathless

I’m back on the running, but gosh it’s hard! I go through phases of how consistent I am with my running, with my last run being 12km to work, then suddenly, nothing. But no, I’m officially back on it! With a 40 minute startup run 🙂 here’s a photo from my route this morning. NiceContinue reading “27/09/2013 – Back and Breathless”

26/09/2013 – From one Capitol to the Next

.. And in style! Headed back to London today as I had a meeting at 5, and then a hootsuite meet up or “HootUp” later on. Met some lovely people at the latter! All in all a busy day of travelling and meeting new people.

25/09/2013 – Bore Da Cymru!

Good morning Wales! It was absolutely lovely waking up in sunny Wales this morning! A day and a half to thoroughly chill out. I got my hair cut this morning and then chilled out with mum in the living room, bliss. Walked into town and noticed it’s most certainly autumn, lovely! Then dinner and drinksContinue reading “25/09/2013 – Bore Da Cymru!”