18/11/20 – Morning sunshine run

Started off today with a 8km run that I only mildly had to drag myself out of bed for this morning. I’m enjoying it a lot more recently, now that I’m running for the fun of running, rather than being so competitive with myself and others. I still have a while to go yet, butContinue reading “18/11/20 – Morning sunshine run”

16/10/2013 – Wet Wet Wet

We’ve certainly stepped into a typical British Autumn/Winter as the weather has no idea what it’s doing. I took this photo on my lunch break, it was chucking it down… but by 3pm it was clear skies… Maybe that person I mentioned before isn’t on my side after all. Today was a dull day, cycleContinue reading “16/10/2013 – Wet Wet Wet”

15/10/2013 – You Can Do This

Like any ‘normal’ person, I struggle. Life can be hard. Today I got the tube to work. For those that don’t know, the Northern Underground Line is by far the worst line to get into London at 8-9am on a weekday. You haven’t seen packed public transport before you have to place your feet onContinue reading “15/10/2013 – You Can Do This”

09/08/2012 – Things will work out

This was put up in my office a few days ago by one of the developers I believe – love it. My new job is going well, I’m very busy, but doing what I love, graphic design. I read a few months ago “Happiness is a journey, not a destination” – as corny as thatContinue reading “09/08/2012 – Things will work out”