08/01/21 – Cosy study

Yesterday we took down all the Christmas decorations and tree. Sad times… But this year was the most we’ve ever made out of a tree due to being in London for Christmas! We definitely got our money’s worth. As I’m still slightly refusing to let go of Christmas I’ve kept my little fairy lights upContinue reading “08/01/21 – Cosy study”

07/01/21 – Snowy cycling!

I finally got out on my bike this morning before work! I’m so so pleased that I did. It snowed whilst I was cycling and I had the biggest grin on my face (under all my layers!) I did a ten mile loop around our area. I’m hoping to up that over the next fewContinue reading “07/01/21 – Snowy cycling!”

05/02/2013 – Bonsai Update!

Look! I’m so proud! Two of my little bonsais have sprouted after assuming they were dead in all honestly. Yay them! Slacking on running this week, I will get back on it tomorrow, just long tiring days at work have been leaving me tired.. Sleepy Steph.