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30/05/16 – Homemade bank holiday pizza! — May 30, 2016

30/05/16 – Homemade bank holiday pizza!

Nic and I have had quite the successful day today! We tided the kitchen, did a massive food shop, and then made homemade pizza from scratch. The pizza was our best yet as it was thin, crispy and delicious!

I’ve have had such a lovely and productive bank holiday weekend. There’s nothing like a three day weekend to get you relaxed and feeling more calm about well, life!


21/09/15 – Soho Joe Monday — Sep 21, 2015

21/09/15 – Soho Joe Monday

Breakfast in bed this morning to kick start the week! My work’s kitchen is being refurbished so I thought it would be a good opportunity to make Nic some crumpets and have myself a massive bowl of coco pops whilst tucked up in bed for once.. much better than tucked up at my desk.

It was another busy day at work preparing for Wednesday’s trip to Edinbrugh.. But then it was off for pizza at Soho Joe’s for a long awaited catch up with our lovely friends Jess and Damian. A busy Monday but I think that’ll be the theme for this entire week so I can’t fight it… Best just enjoy it. Happy Monday!


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Saw my friend Rach today from home which was lovely. I cooked us a healthy lunch of noodles, and then carried on with book work (shall post some sort of update on here soon). Mel came back for another surprise visit, and so we went out for dinner! I got a pizza that was insane calories, but I regret nothing! It was delish. And at the end I was faced with this message! “Life is a combination of magic and pizza”. I mean, I just HAD to eat the whole thing to find out the message…