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27/03/2014 – Healthy Yums — Apr 9, 2014
26/03/2014 – Home Designing —
25/03/2014 – I’m Twenty Three! — Apr 8, 2014

25/03/2014 – I’m Twenty Three!

Happy birthday to meeeeee! This blog has now seen four of my birthdays!

I had a fantastic day, which started off with birthday pancakes at The Breakfast Club with Nic from work! Then it was off to work, before walking home (in the light!) and having dominos for the first time this year with my housemates and Nic whilst watching Rodger Rabbit with shed loads of laughter, such a great day 🙂


24/03/2014 – Birthday Eve recovery —
23/03/2014 – Ow, my head —

23/03/2014 – Ow, my head

Well, last night was fantastic, but I am more than paying for it today.. I woke up, are cake and drank cava, probably not my brightest idea!
All my friends slowly dispersed throughout the morning, leaving Duncan and Rachy to drive to McDonalds.. A-mazing. Then after they left it was more wallowing and PS3. Such a great weekend!


22/03/2014 – Steph’s Birthday Party! —
21/03/2014 – Birthday Cake #2! —

21/03/2014 – Birthday Cake #2!

My lovely housemate Polly made me this beautiful cake for my birthday party tomorrow! I have the nicest friends and I’m truly basking in it this week 🙂
My best friends from home Alyx and Rachy arrived tonight, we drank wine and ate pasta and garlic bread, delicious start to the weekend with my besties! Roll on birthday weekend!