14/03/2014 – Misty Welsh Run

Ran 7 miles this morning as I am back in Wales working from home so I have the time! It was absolutely gorgeous, with low cloud over Pontcanna Fields, just bliss. Working, the dinner with Mel and mum. Another chilled out day.

13/03/2014 – Smiling again!

After three trips to the dentist I’m smiling again! A lot more out of pocket than I’d rather, but I definitely got a princess sticker 🙂 Dinner at home with my mum and sister whilst getting work done. Lush relaxing day.

11/03/2014 – Grumpy mouth

Today is Tuesday so no running, and only a small exercise class. I bit into an apple though and completely bent my lower invisible retainer. Ow. Luckily, I’m going to Cardiff tomorrow night with a dentist appointment on Thursday! So not long to wait, but I wasn’t a happy bunny.

10/03/2014 – Radio 1 guest! .. Maybe.

Always up to something it seems! Andy and I went to the Radio 1 studios tonight to watch live comedy tonight. There were only about twenty of us there for about half an hour, but it was a lovely evening!

09/03/2014 – Massive run, massive shop!

Decided today I’d run 10 miles! I didn’t want to care about time, just the mileage. Well, I only went and did it! I was flagging, but bumped into Edwyn who ran the last 4 miles with me whilst my knees ached. Very proud of myself though, 1hr55! Didn’t take any photos during the run,Continue reading “09/03/2014 – Massive run, massive shop!”

08/03/2014 – Saturday Cycle to Surrey

Decided to head out for a long cycle today as the weather was so beautiful. Biked down to Kingston Park to have a healthy lunch and relax in the sunshine before heading back via Richmond park to see the dear! Cycled 30 miles in total! A sore bum, but a happy Steph.

07/03/2014 – Woody Run

Up at 6am for my Friday morning run – I decided today I’d do a bit of exploring since I had the time. Ended up running through Wandsworth common, which I found out has a nice little wooded area to run through, quite a nice change from the streets of clapham. I ended up goingContinue reading “07/03/2014 – Woody Run”

06/03/2014 – And breath..

A chance to relax today – it’s rest day! No running or gym today, though I did cycle 30km, so perhaps not much rest for the wicked.. Once I got home I did relax for a moment and for this photo before the ever wonderful Sue came round for dinner. One of my best friends,Continue reading “06/03/2014 – And breath..”

05/03/2014 – Finest Fitness

Apart from cycling and running I don’t talk much about my general fitness goings on much on here, I’m trying to not talk about it all the time.. However if you know me in real life, you’ll know between burger eating and painting my nails, I’m quite keen on the gym! Wednesdays are my favouriteContinue reading “05/03/2014 – Finest Fitness”