14/10/2013 – You have to treat yourself sometimes

Monday morning and it’s back to the office. It’s quickly turned into winter here in the UK, with temperatures dropping by the day, the heavens are also deciding to open up. Luckily someone is looking down on me, as it decided to hold off for my lunchtime. Scuttling down to Covent Garden, I decided toContinue reading “14/10/2013 – You have to treat yourself sometimes”

13/10/2013 – Long Awaited Duvet Day!

  Something I’ve been meaning to do for weeks is have a proper duvet day! I seem to be non-stop recently, so it was wonderful to finally catch up with some me time. After 5 hours of playing GTA it’s safe to say I am LOVING it. It’s no surprise really, as Rockstar always putsContinue reading “13/10/2013 – Long Awaited Duvet Day!”

12/10/2013 – World Zombie Day!

This is my first weekend without any set plans in weeks upon weeks! I relaxed around the house before making a cheese sandwich and cycling into central London (it’s the simple things!). First stop was Tower Bridge to eat lunch. It’s about 8 miles from where I live in Clapham Common, and a wonderful placeContinue reading “12/10/2013 – World Zombie Day!”

11/10/2013 – I made a little friend!

Close friends know about my love for dogs. You can’t get me away from Reddit’s ‘Aww’ subreddit. (www.reddit.com/r/aww You’re welcome.) Which is why I was so giddy about this little guy coming to the office today! Meet Jake the Pug – isn’t he a cutie!? He was extremely excitable when he first arrived, but soonContinue reading “11/10/2013 – I made a little friend!”

10/10/2013 – Why I love my Career

It’s Thursday afternoon, an hour before I leave work, and I get the delightful question “Steph, do you want a beer?”. This question doesn’t have much (if any) variation of an answer… “Yes please!” I would be be naive to think this was unique to my role, or consistent throughout every graphic design job outContinue reading “10/10/2013 – Why I love my Career”

09/10/2013 – And on your left…

Very ‘Londony’ posts this week as I get back into a working routine. It’s been lovely though – we’re back on good terms, London and I. It’s hard to not love a city where around every corner seems to be a iconic landmark. I’m quite sure I could start charging people to join me onContinue reading “09/10/2013 – And on your left…”

08/10/2013 – Lunchtime Entertainment

A great part of working in Covent Garden is the lunchtime exploration. I headed down to St Paul’s Church with my lunch and watched the street performers. I’m slowly learning the routines, even when the act varies, they all consist of the same structure. It’s quite interesting to see everyday. So let’s begin: Gather aContinue reading “08/10/2013 – Lunchtime Entertainment”

07/10/2013 – Freelancing in Design

Today is my first day back in work after leaving Awin last month. I’m working freelance at the moment, two weeks at a medical PR company in central London. It’s a big change! I’m quickly learning both the negatives and positives to working freelance (more money, more unstable). I’ve learnt so much over the last monthContinue reading “07/10/2013 – Freelancing in Design”

06/10/2013 – Hold onto the Memories

Back to reality already! On the train home to London, clasping onto my beautiful present from Nicola for being one of three bridesmaids. I think it’s gorgeous, and such a kind thought. It’s a shame the weekend is already over, but it was such a wonderful opportunity to spend time with all of my family.

05/10/2013 – The Big Day

Today was Nic and Ben’s big day, and it was nothing short of fantastic. I loved being a bridesmaid, and felt so privileged to be in that position. Congratulations to them, and thank you for such a wonderful day.