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28/05/2012 – Another Sunny Day.. — May 28, 2012

28/05/2012 – Another Sunny Day..

Sent my PC off today to be fixed, so hear’s hoping it’ll be back by Wednesday! After that Mum and I went shopping in Cardiff and I got two really nice maxi dresses On a side note, all my gym work has paid off as I’m officially a size 10 in River Island! (Yay!) We then went for a picnic near Cosmeston Lake near Sully. It was really nice, so quiet. This evening I’ve been working on my interview brief andImage it’s going well! Not sure how it works with posting work on my blog, so I’ll have to check up on that.

24/05/2012 — May 25, 2012


Today was another sunny day in Newport, so Claire and I went for a picnic on the edge the river! It was lovely, and she’s my crazy friend, so I thought this photo would suit us best. We then went to the Graduate Fashion Show which featured loads of our friends, and we felt so proud! The photo is from their final hug on stage, even Claire and I were well up!

23/05/2012 — May 24, 2012


Went to London today for an interview! I got through to the second round, so fingers crossed. But if I never mention it again, you can guess what happened! Spent the rest of the day in Hyde Park with my sister as we both brought stuff for a picnic. ImageIt was just the nicest of days to celebrate me finishing uni and getting an interview!

22/05/2012 —


Finished my course today completely! Presentation went well, and then I picked up an outfit for tomorrow’s interview in London! Exciting stuff! In the evening we cooked sausages and sat out in the sun, it was a lovely way to relax! For those that don’t know, these are my two lovely housemates.