25/10/22 – A twilight run

After finishing work tonight I headed out for a 10k run to blow off some steam. I went at a comfortable pace and really enjoyed myself. It was nice to be back running after a couple weeks off, even if I was staaaarving by the end of it. Worth it for the lovely view halfContinue reading “25/10/22 – A twilight run”

23/10/22 – A day of storms

All it did was rain today… It got very dark and then the thunder and lightning kicked off! It was raining so hard you had to shout over it in the kitchen… I’m like a dog, I get nervous around dramatic weather so I firmly shut the living room curtains and squirreled away playing StardewContinue reading “23/10/22 – A day of storms”

21/10/22 – The ultimate sandwich

As part of a creative session at work today we had to draw our ultimate sandwich. This was mine! The great outdoors sandwich, it includes everything I love to do when I’m outside. I was quite pleased with it! Everyone did such different designs, it was great fun listening to all the various sandwiches.

20/10/22 – Breakfast fun!

For the first time in a long time, Nic and I went out for breakfast before work! We’ve struggled to do it recently as we’re just not used to the early starts and Nic is rarely needed in the office. But today we headed out to the wonderfully named, Eggslut. You heard. It was aContinue reading “20/10/22 – Breakfast fun!”

16/10/22 – Hungover travel

Oh dear was I hungover today. Probably the worst hangover of the year. It made navigating through today a lot harder than it should have been. But we managed to catch our flight with about 15 minutes to spare… This was the only photo I took today as we ditched the hire car and spedContinue reading “16/10/22 – Hungover travel”