28/09/21 – Oh great, something else

Just when I’m managing to cope with the downstairs electrics problems and getting the house rewired, the bloody bathroom ceiling leaks thanks to this horrific rain! I’m ready for the earth to cut me some slack please… It’s just one thing after another, but I need to keep my head up!

26/09/21 – Feet up and a good book

We went to our last summer BBQ today with our friends. It was really lovely, and the sun actually showed his face for quite a lot of it! Once we got home Nic and I sat and read together in the living room for a while. We still don’t have electricity in this room, butContinue reading “26/09/21 – Feet up and a good book”

25/09/21 – Difficulty level up…

After a lovely lunch out with Nic in Crystal Palace, I started on my next cross stitch. This one I can already tell is going to be a bit of a slog… It’s my hardest one yet, lots of really similar colours, half stiches all over the place, and the whole thing is quite small!Continue reading “25/09/21 – Difficulty level up…”

24/09/21 – More fun friends

This is the third evening in a row I’ve had lovely plans with lovely friends. Tonight was dinner with Nic at Dan and Nat’s house! It was so nice, we laughed a lot and ate a lush dinner. My clouds are lifting and I’m feeling so much happier, just look at the phenomenal sunset justContinue reading “24/09/21 – More fun friends”

22/09/21 – What good friends do

We had gorgeous Autumnal weather today in London. I was back in the office as I had dinner plans near St Paul’s with the lovely Liv! We had amazing vegan burgers and nattered the evening away. Another day where I fall asleep just so grateful for my wonderful friends.

21/09/21 – Crystal Palace day out

The sun was shining today! It’s my last day of holiday and I had just the nicest of days. I got my hair cut, went for brunch with Nic, went on a lovely walk around Crystal Palace with him marvelling at how quiet it was as it’s not the weekend, finished my cross stitch andContinue reading “21/09/21 – Crystal Palace day out”

20/09/21 – A lovely day out

I’m still on holiday! For just two more days but I need to make them count. Today I went on a day out with my friend Nat and her baby. We visited a castle and gardens and it was just gorgeous. We smelled the roses, had a lovely lunch, ate grapes off the vine… IContinue reading “20/09/21 – A lovely day out”