07/11/20 – Chilly walks

I’m so happy to be back reunited with the wonderful Mariana after her three months in Portugal then two week quarantine!! We were finally allowed to meet up for a socially distanced walk in the Autumnal sun with a chance to say hello to her adorable shiny new baby! It’s filled me with so muchContinue reading “07/11/20 – Chilly walks”

05/11/20 – Bonfire night!

Since we can’t hang out with any friends, Nic and I decided to get the fire pit out instead! We made jacket potatoes and finished them off on the fire whilst drinking mulled wine. It was honestly one of my most favourite evenings of lockdown! The stars, the fireworks in the background, all wonderful.

04/11/20 – Birds and swing

My first run since I fell last week! It was great. I headed out first thing so it was quite chilly but the sun was shining and it felt glorious being outside in the early hours. Half way through my run I stopped to swing on the rope swing, pausing my audio book to takeContinue reading “04/11/20 – Birds and swing”

03/11/20 – It’s chilly!

I was just saying the other day it’s strangely mild still even though we’re quickly speeding towards winter. Today quickly acted those feelings as it was freezing! In the evening it dropped to 1 degrees and I was missing my gloves… I am happy about this though deep down as it was slightly disconcertingly warmContinue reading “03/11/20 – It’s chilly!”

02/11/20 – Sunny appearence!

It was thoroughly bleak this morning with heavy, diagonal rain… I had already said if it carried on like that I was would refuse to leave the house at lunchtime! Luckily the weather did a complete u-turn and look at the incredible skies of our lunchtime walk! It’s not even chilly yet, suspiciously mild! ButContinue reading “02/11/20 – Sunny appearence!”

01/11/20 – Onto the next!

Oh look, another Harry Potter book photo… But it’s now day seven and I’m onto the fourth book and it’s the first beefy one of the series! Today was a day in for me and Nic and it was super lovely, we chilled out, made pasta sauce and just had a really lovely day shieldingContinue reading “01/11/20 – Onto the next!”

31/10/20 – Another soggy exploration

We headed out in the car again today to get more walking in! We walked another 6 miles Kingston area and the weather managed to be even more atrocious than yesterday. So much so my pockets had puddles of water in each of them… But it was another wonderful day battling the elements, now feelingContinue reading “31/10/20 – Another soggy exploration”

30/10/20 – Blowing off the cobwebs!

We took a day off work today to take Reggie (our new car) for a spin! We drove to Camber Sands and the wind and sea mist made sure to clean off any cobwebs we had after being stuck in Croydon for so long! It was a great day out with Nic, a real treatContinue reading “30/10/20 – Blowing off the cobwebs!”

29/10/20 – Onto book three!

I tried to stay off my knee today as it’s still quite sore. So around work I just read a lot of Harry Potter! I’m now a third through book three and still loving it. I’m pleased they get longer and longer as it’ll keep me occupied for ay least November getting through them!