24/06/2012 – My Lovely Mum

Today has been a day of sorting, and believe it or not headway has been made. The top photo is of my messy messy room, that by tomorrow evening shall be in a much better state, and the second is of my beautiful mum, I’m loving having her company now I’m home. I bought theContinue reading “24/06/2012 – My Lovely Mum”

22/06/2012 – Stage 2, Goodbye Number 18

Another day in work, followed by hours of cleaning the house in hope to get our deposit back. It’s all gleaming, and everything has been moved out. It’s a sad day, as I have loved living in this house, even with all the things that have gone wrong with the blinds and lights etc. TheContinue reading “22/06/2012 – Stage 2, Goodbye Number 18”

19/06/2012 – Best Place in the World

Theme parks and zoo’s. My two favourite places to be in the world! Today, my sister paid for us both to go to Thrope park as a present for driving her stuff home (the main reason of going to Langley). It was a fantastic day, with hardly any queues, and a general great experience! IContinue reading “19/06/2012 – Best Place in the World”

18/06/2012 – Giraffe in a Phone Box!

Another long(ish) drive today as I head to Langley to stay with my sister for a couple nights. We headed into London today to get lunch, and scope out some areas as I’ll be moving to London next month for my new job! (Exciting and terrifying!) Saw this giraffe in a telephone box which afterContinue reading “18/06/2012 – Giraffe in a Phone Box!”

16/06/2012 – Drive to Doncaster

Drop up to Doncaster today to drop my housemate and all his belongings home. It was a long drive in the rain, but the company was lovely. After dropping him off I drove to near Manchester to see my reletives and stay the night, 5 and a half hours driving was enough for one day…