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07/08/2012 – Whitechapel Gallery at Lunch — Aug 8, 2012
30/07/2012 – ‘Barclies’ Bikes — Jul 31, 2012

30/07/2012 – ‘Barclies’ Bikes

Back in work today after a relaxing weekend. Not much happened today, but I did spot this just before I grabbed my bike to go home. I’ve been using ‘Barclays Bikes’ to get to and from work. They work out at £1 a day (I’m going to buy a yearly membership tomorrow for £48, bargin!), WAY cheaper than the tube, quicker and healthier too, I’m loving it. This is why I like London, someone put effort into doing this, to get a message out, it’s that creativity that I enjoy about this city.

29/07/2012 – Batman Cookies! —

29/07/2012 – Batman Cookies!

An on-going joke between myself and Claire (my flatmate, if you haven’t already picked up on) is that our flat’s nickname is ‘The Bat Cave’ it is the name of the wireless, which obviously confirms it’s official status. Anyway, to the point, we made Bat Cookies! We used this recipe and they did not disappoint!  So simple to make (we made a third of the recipe and it made 6, the perfect amount for two!) and really quick!

24/07/2012 – Another Sunny Day — Jul 27, 2012

24/07/2012 – Another Sunny Day

London’s (well, nearly the entirety of Britain) has been hit with a scorcher of a heat wave this week, and today wasn’t an exception. Another day of 30 degrees heat, and sunbathing during my lunch break. After work I did a huuuge walk with my flatemate Claire as we went to buy Timmy (the binny, long story, he’s a rather delightful blue bin for our flat). We tucked into a full Indian dinner cooked by myself, and it was lovely! The summer days are leaving us with the most beautiful sun sets – taking this flat was one of our greatest ideas yet.


20/07/2012 – Another Reason Why I’m Enjoying my New Job — Jul 24, 2012
19/07/2012 – The Bike Seats Have Hats! —

19/07/2012 – The Bike Seats Have Hats!

Maybe this is normal to you, if you live in London, but to me, I ADORED this. I’ve been using the ‘Barclays Bikes’ to cycle to work each day. Well today, while I was in work, it rained. And when I got outside again to cycle home, all the bikes had little seat covers on them so the seats were still dry for you to cycle home! I loved it, and thought it was such a nice idea! The pigeons made it a lesser experience though..

18/07/2012 – It’s My New Era —

18/07/2012 – It’s My New Era

I’m not totally sure if I’m allowed to post photos like this, so it’ll probably be my last! (Don’t want to do a no-no in my early days of working here!) But here’s a sneaky photo of me working today, I’m REALLY loving working here. The people are lovely, and the working environment is even better, I’ll probably disclose more over the next few days/weeks/month, but it’s genuinely a really nice company!

17/07/2012 – Loving the London Life —

17/07/2012 – Loving the London Life

This weeks posts won’t be anything too exciting as I’m spending my time in work 9-5.30 and then getting to be quite early to gain back my energy! Last week totally drained me, so much has changed and happened, I’m looking forward to being more settled, but for now, a picture of our lovely balcony view as the sun starts to set.

16/07/2012 – First Day in New Job —

16/07/2012 – First Day in New Job

Today I started my new job at Affiliated Window as a Graphic/Web Designer! In fairness, I was knackered, and today wasn’t my best of days. But everyone here is really lovely, and I’m looking forward to a really early night to gain my energy back for tomorrow. But here’s me smiling in work none-the-less.

15/07/2012 – Lovely day with Mum —