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13/10/2012 – I love Fish! — Oct 14, 2012

13/10/2012 – I love Fish!

Today my sister and I met up for a day out in London. I managed to get another use out of my Merlin Annual Pass (I promise I’m not sponsored!) by going to London Aquarium! It was surprisingly not busy, and was a really nice break from the busy streets of London on a Saturday. We then went to Pizza Hut and ate more food than I thought was possibly. It’s safe to say I don’t fancy pizza again until at least 2013 (this isn’t a promise).

12/10/2012 – London in Sunset —

12/10/2012 – London in Sunset

Today I took the first opportunity in using my ‘Merlin Annual Pass‘ and straight after work, I went on the London eye, twice! Once in the day time, while the sun was quite low (4pm), and it was difficult to get any good photos of Big Ben etc. And then again during sunset, which I must add, is the most amazing time to go on the London Eye. I recommend it so much, it was fantastic seeing the city slowly illuminate itself. I was wrapped up in my coat as it was chilly, already loving winter ! Screw the haters, it’s an awesome season. I’m working out a way of using my ‘other blog’ to display extra photos from certain days. So hold tight, these posts shall be expanding soon!


11/10/2012 – Work’s Ginormous Fruit — Oct 11, 2012
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09/10/2012 – Forever a Tourist —

09/10/2012 – Forever a Tourist

Today at lunch I picked up my ‘Merlin Annual Pass’ from the London Dungeons! I got scared just queuing to pick up the pass! For those that don’t know, this is an Annual Pass that will get me into ‘some of the top attractions of London’ like the London Dungeons, London Eye, Aquarium, Madame Tussauds and also Thrope Park, Alton Towers and Lego Land (and others) all for one yearly price! So I’m excited to start using it! The currently plan is to go on the London Eye after work on Thursday – should make for some awesome photos!
This is a photo I took as I walked back to the office with the lovely Nick!
I also went to see the delightlful Sue today, always makes for a lovely evening.

08/10/2012 – Foggy Big City —

08/10/2012 – Foggy Big City

It was an extremely foggy day in London today. I braved it home cycling as it was just starting to rain, but it takes the same time to cycle as to get the tube, and I was dying to get into my PJ’s, have a relaxing night in and carry on with the Borne movies! Took this photo from my balcony at around 5:30, you could hardly see the city!


07/10/2012 – Sunny Healthy London —

07/10/2012 – Sunny Healthy London

Didn’t do much today, but it was still a really nice day! I’ve had a great relaxing weekend, and feel like I’ve got a lot done! Went for a walk this morning and the sun was shining! After I got back I relaxed for a bit before going running with Claire, and did 25 minutes at 10min/mile pace! So I was very happy, Claire did a great job of spurring me along!

06/10/2012 – Visit from Ben! —
05/10/2012 – Drip Drip Drop October Rains On — Oct 5, 2012
04/10/2012 – Tree Delivery! —

04/10/2012 – Tree Delivery!

Two things of note happened today –

1. Trees were delivered to outside our office, I thought it was funny so this photo happened.

2. I was a good girl and got a lolly for getting a flu jab. This I am proud of.

I didn’t say today was particularly exciting. Bonus note, my bathroom floor is getting re-tilled, I did a food shop and three loads of washing… oooOoooh. Thrilling day.