30/01/23 – Back to reality

And just like that we’re back in London and back to work. But this is the start of lots of lovely holidays and I’m honestly so happy and excited for them all. What a tough few years it’s been, and I’m so grateful that we’re seeing the back end of some of those limitations! OnwardsContinue reading “30/01/23 – Back to reality”

29/01/23 – Gondola trip!

Well, you just have to don’t you! Today was our final day in Venice and we had another wonderful day. We got a Gondola trip in the morning and it was like seeing an entirely different side of Venice. It was so quiet and calm on the water. We then spent the rest of theContinue reading “29/01/23 – Gondola trip!”

27/01/23 – First trip of the year!

Woo hoo, we’re in Venice for a couple days! The trip out was one of the smoothest I’ve had in a very long time. No delays, no waiting around, amazing public transport, absolutely smooth sailing. I’m already loving Venice. It’s so quiet here and calm, I think we’re going to have a really lovely time.

26/01/23 – Pitch day!

What a day! A very busy and full on day at work, doing a pitch for a big client, but it ended up going really well and I actually enjoyed being on it which was great. I ended up reading loads after and trying to finish the first Harry Potter book so I could takeContinue reading “26/01/23 – Pitch day!”

22/01/23 – Foggy morning!

The whole world was very ominous this morning as a thick, cold frost rolled in. Nic and I went to the gym where I remembered very quickly how rubbish the gym is… But I did manage a 29 minute 5k, even if I did have to watch The Simpsons on my phone to stop meContinue reading “22/01/23 – Foggy morning!”