04/05/21 – Stop and smell the flowers

Nic and I have been so much better with our local walks this week. We headed out today twice to get some fresh air and huff some incredible flowers that are blooming. At work my new product officially had its marketing launched today which is super exciting. Fingers crossed is does well and lots ofContinue reading “04/05/21 – Stop and smell the flowers”

03/05/21 – An easy Monday

Finally headed out to a run this morning. I did 7 miles around blustery Streatham, it was good to get out again! Later on I just chilled out with Nic and finally got more done on my cross stitch. Hoping to finish it this week which is very exciting as it’ll be my first everContinue reading “03/05/21 – An easy Monday”

02/05/21 – Big day out

You know it’s a good day when you only think to take a photo of a moth you see… I had a massage this morning which was incredible of course. Then Nic picked me up and we drove to Jess and Damian’s for a lush pizza in the park. Despite the forecasted showers the sunContinue reading “02/05/21 – Big day out”

30/04/21 – Finally, some fresh air

We’ve been a bit slack with our walks recently… Too tired to be bothered is our most common excuse. But today after dinner we headed out for a lovely long walk in the evening sun. It was just delightful and a real chance to unwind after another busy day at work! Bank holiday weekend timeContinue reading “30/04/21 – Finally, some fresh air”

28/04/21 – New glasses!

Now that I’m back in London I’ve finally got my new glasses that arrived here a couple weeks back. I took this photo for work, but thought it was a good one for her to show off my new specs! It’s hard to get used to them but I’m happy my headaches haven’t come backContinue reading “28/04/21 – New glasses!”

25/04/21 – Back together!

After two weeks of Cardiff fun bubbling in the sunshine with my mum, I drove back to London today. It was bittersweet as I’m going to miss mum SO MUCH after spending two weeks straight with her, but also super happy to be reunited with my handsome Nic! Here’s hoping that I can see mumContinue reading “25/04/21 – Back together!”