31/12/22 – New Years Eve fun!

We decided to have a calm night in this New Year’s. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dress up for it! Nic and I donned our glad rags and played games whilst we waited for the new year to roll in. I had a really fun evening and I’m really excited for the year ahead.Continue reading “31/12/22 – New Years Eve fun!”

30/12/22 – Christmas number 3!

It’s Christmas for the final time of 2022! Today Nic and I swapped presents and had a lush vegan Christmas dinner. We had a blast making it and creating various cocktails along the way. I’ve had a truly wonderful day and I’m so full of happiness, even if we did forget the vegan pigs inContinue reading “30/12/22 – Christmas number 3!”

29/12/22 – Back home we go!

After a lovely night at mum’s and a speedy breakfast, Nic and I hit the road this morning to make the journey back home. I’ve had a wonderful week away, but it’s also really lovely to be back home again. I am however already making some mental plans for seeing all my favourite faces againContinue reading “29/12/22 – Back home we go!”

28/12/22 – One more Cardiff night!

After leaving the Welsh holiday home it was time to swing past mum’s for a decent night’s sleep to break up the journey back to London tomorrow. It was so lovely and felt like a proper little treat, and we got more shopping done! I’m a happy happy Steph after a wonderful Christmas holiday atContinue reading “28/12/22 – One more Cardiff night!”

26/12/22 – Boxing day swim!

I actually went into the sea in just my cossie, in December! Today I met back up with Nic and his family to finish off my lovely Welsh Christmas break. I went for a dip in the sea along with his mum and then we had a really lovely dinner all together, followed by someContinue reading “26/12/22 – Boxing day swim!”

24/12/22 – Christmas eve on the beach

We had a lovely calm Christmas Eve today. We met my sister and her family on the beach, had some chips, went on a nice meander then mum and I chilled at home for the evening. I watched some TV, had some red wine, did my nails, all the lovely, relaxing things of Christmas holidays.

23/12/22 – And then there were two!

We’ve had quite the day today! First lunch with Nic’s family as they came to pick him up for Christmas. Then I headed out for dinner with my friend Rach for a lovely catch up. We then went back to mum’s house to have another couple of drinks before finally it was just me andContinue reading “23/12/22 – And then there were two!”

22/12/22 – Shopping time!

Today we headed into town to get some last minute shopping done. We went down the arcades of Cardiff and in all the big shops. Despite living in London for the last decade, I still prefer shopping in Cardiff. We had a lovely lunch with the whole gang and then this evening had a greatContinue reading “22/12/22 – Shopping time!”