27/05/22 – Bye bye NYC

Our final morning in New York, and what a corker! We went out for breakfast sandwiches, then to Nic’s favourite coffee shop. We popped back to the hotel to do our final bits of packing then we headed back out for our last slice of dollar pizza! It was a whistle top tour of someContinue reading “27/05/22 – Bye bye NYC”

22/05/22 – Staten Island day trip

Another hot hot day but it’s going to be a lot cooler tomorrow so we wanted to make the most of it. We got the ferry to Staten Island today to see The Statue of Liberty and get a little bit of shopping done whilst there. We managed to walk a bit less today, butContinue reading “22/05/22 – Staten Island day trip”

21/05/22 – A central park day

It was absolutely roasting in New York today! We ended up walking about 15 miles around Manhattan and we’re now quite exhausted. But it was an excellent day in the heat, even if we did have to move from shade to shade. We saw a lot of Central Park and ate some great food. DayContinue reading “21/05/22 – A central park day”

20/05/22 – New York City!

We’re in New York! We’ve had a really great (and very very long) first day. We flew here this morning, then spent the whole day wandering round, taking in the sights and sounds before finally getting back into bed 22 hours after getting out of bed this morning. It’s time for a well earned sleep!

18/05/22 – The breaking storm

It’s been lovely and warm here in London recently, which has been a welcome change from the cold front we had for the first part of the year! However this evening it seems to have reached it’s climax, as whilst I write this I can hear the rain thrashing against the window, the rumble ofContinue reading “18/05/22 – The breaking storm”