09/02/23 – Back to Kindle

I’ve rediscovered my love of my kindle as I make my way through all the Harry Potter books again. I’m now reading the fourth one which is where the physical books start to get quite hefty, so I’ve made the switch over to my kindle. I’m absolutely loving them still though and flying through aboutContinue reading “09/02/23 – Back to Kindle”

08/02/23 – Nosy neighbour

Hi, it’s me, I’m the nosy neighbour… I looked out my study window today and saw a car, from two floors up! It turned out to be an entire car transporter on our street, which I then spent the next ten minutes watching as he loaded up a car from our street onto his truck.Continue reading “08/02/23 – Nosy neighbour”

07/02/23 – Foggy run to work

Another run to work today, and this time I went a slightly longer route so did ten miles! I’m really pleased, but it was absolutely freeeeezing, so I was very happy to make it to the office. The views were still great over London Bridge, even if the fog blocked out Tower Bridge.

06/02/23 – Spring is in sight!

Well, lighter evenings are. I left work to cycle home today in the light! Joy of joys! It was absolutely freezing when I cycled in this morning, so leaving work when it wasn’t pitch black made me feel very excited about the prospect of spring being just around the corner. Another weekly cycle down! I’mContinue reading “06/02/23 – Spring is in sight!”

05/02/23 – Workout and sort out

Nic and I both headed our separate ways for a work out this morning. Him to the gym, me to try and do a speedy 5k! I managed it in 29 mins so I’m very chuffed. I then (literally) ran to Sainsbury’s to grab some jacket potatoes for dinner, and then home again! It wasContinue reading “05/02/23 – Workout and sort out”

03/02/23 – HP book three!

I’m very nearly three Harry Potter books down with four to go! I have eight weeks left but I know they get longer and longer so want to front load a bit. I’d like to be on the big beefy one for our next trip abroad… If I can fit it in my bag. MightContinue reading “03/02/23 – HP book three!”

02/02/23 – Running sunrise

I ran to work again today, 9.1 miles so I’m really pleased. It’s beginning to feel a bit “normal” so I’m hoping I can keep it up. The gorgeous sunrises are certainly making it an enjoyable experience that’s for sure. Then it was just a normal day in the office. Working from home again tomorrowContinue reading “02/02/23 – Running sunrise”