15/05/21 – Day out in Bromley

We went to Bromley today for a shopping trip! Something that feels like such a huge novelty right now but a year and a half ago we wouldn’t even bat an eyelid at. We had a really nice day out. It was so much fun getting some in-person shopping done and we even went outContinue reading “15/05/21 – Day out in Bromley”

13/05/21 – Milk thief!

Opened the door to find this rascal climbing up our milk this morning! What a naughty snail… I did feel a bit bad popping him back outside. Today was a productive day! I got a lot of work done and Nic and I went on not one but two lovely walks. It’s been a longContinue reading “13/05/21 – Milk thief!”

12/05/21 – Sunset debrief

I’m feeling so much better today after a further 9 hours sleep last night. Raring and ready to take on the day ahead – or there abouts. I did have another lovely after work walk with Nic, huffing as many springtime flowers as I can whilst we go. Who can resist when they look thisContinue reading “12/05/21 – Sunset debrief”

09/05/21 – On the beach!

We went to the beach today with our friends! It was so much fun. We had chips and even went in for a paddle in the sea. Afterwards we went for a walk around Rye which is a gorgeous little town. Granted after all that our car broke down in one of the worst placesContinue reading “09/05/21 – On the beach!”

07/05/21 – Friends!!

Out two nights in a row! I know, so extravagant! Tonight after work we drove down to Jess and Damian’s to have a chippy dinner with them and Moira in the garden. I was a marvelous evening, I even managed to finally wrap up enough for once, though truth be told my feet still becameContinue reading “07/05/21 – Friends!!”