30/10/22 – Speedy selfie!

After lolling around the house all morning I finally got my bum into gear and went on a run. I ended up doing a long run of 8 miles! The longest I’ve run since June, so I’m super super pleased. It was tough going but I actually did enjoy myself despite the hills and gettingContinue reading “30/10/22 – Speedy selfie!”

28/10/22 – Through the woods

I tried to go through a shortcut whilst walking home from a slightly different station today. It’s safe to say I definitely won’t go this way again! The sun had just started to set and it made the journey oh so very creepy! I’ll stick to going through here only in the day time IContinue reading “28/10/22 – Through the woods”

27/10/22 – Sunrise cycle

I took a slight detour on my cycle into work this morning to watch the sunrise from Greenwich. The sunlight reflecting on the buildings really made it worth the early start and rain shower I had to cycle through to get there… It was a lovely way to start what ended up being a veryContinue reading “27/10/22 – Sunrise cycle”