10/11/2012 – The Warped Tour UK 2012

Today myself, Claire and Craig went to the UK’s Warped Tour! It’s the first time it’s been in the use in 14 years, and it was bloody brilliant. I had a great day and saw Awolnation (pictured) and Bowling for Soup (amongst others) who are two of my favourite bands!

07/11/2012 – Breakfast for queens!

I’ve not been so great with healthy eating recently.. I think it’s because of how my stupid mind works – “Oh hey! You’re doing great with exercise.. that means you can have a burger right? Riiight?” Dammit. But I’m trying to be better again, starting with this for breakfast! A great, healthy breakfast that IContinue reading “07/11/2012 – Breakfast for queens!”

06/11/2012 – Speedy Steph on a Segway!

  It was the development team building day at work today, which meant.. segways! I was actually really scared before getting on, but found it so easy to get used to! I actually fell off at one point when I went too fast round a corner and clipped it.. that’s what I get for being overly confident in theContinue reading “06/11/2012 – Speedy Steph on a Segway!”

05/11/2012 – Bonfire Night with Nick!

  Yaayy, it’s one of my favourite days of the year – Bonfire night! Nick and I headed to Wimbledon for an amazing event that had two fireworks shows and two bonfires, it was brilliant! We also brought along sparklers, awesome!

04/11/2012 – It’s getting chilly and don’t I ‘nose’ it!

Oh god, I just laughed at my own pun. Today it was cold! But guess what? I RAN 10K! I was so proud and felt amazing after, though my phone died so I couldn’t take any photos. However to prove how cold it was, here’s a photo of how red my nose goes when I’mContinue reading “04/11/2012 – It’s getting chilly and don’t I ‘nose’ it!”

02/11/2012 – Lippy-Stick

Today I’m off to my Aunties in Kent for the night! And in relating news, what a better place to put on lipstick than a train.. I have no compact mirror at the moment, so used my phone to check if it was all over my face, turns out it was the only photo IContinue reading “02/11/2012 – Lippy-Stick”

01/11/2012 – November Nightime

This year has flown by, yet at the same time seemed so long! I can’t believe it’s November already, but at the same time I can’t believe I was living in Newport only 6 months ago! After work I went for a walk around London, just as I do. I decided to go on theContinue reading “01/11/2012 – November Nightime”