04/03/2013 – View of Relaxation

What a beautiful evening. Weather hasn’t been that great today, but it’s still nice to get away. Starting to feel less stressed, and a lot happier.

03/03/2013 – Here we go, here we go, here we go!

On the coach in Lanzarote! We made it, and now the holiday begins! I’ve never felt like I’ve needed one more.

02/03/2013 – It’s good to be home!

Smiles all around as the sun comes out whilst I arrive into Cardiff on the train. Flying to Lanzarote tomorrow, but spending the rest of today with my sister in her new flat!

01/03/2013 – Officially on holiday!!

I celebrated being officially on holiday by getting my nails done! Shellac is just what they needed, nibbling them a lot recently so it’ll give them a chance to grow. Heading home to Cardiff tomorrow, and flying on Sunday to Lanzarote, exiciting!

28/02/2013 – Drink till you!… Oh.

Went out tonight and this is the photo my flat mate took of me when I got home. My achievement of the night? – remembered to get the post!

27/02/2013 – Pudding and Claire Bear!

I’m going on holiday on Friday! So today I went to do some last minute holiday shopping with Claire and then for dinner where we had this masterpiece of a pudding! Yuuuum.

25/02/2013 – Dinner with the Ladies!

Another brilliant night with two lovely ladies! Claire’s turn to make pudding and she made this amazing trifle! It was just as yum as it looked.

24/02/2013 – Training for 10k!

Trying to get back on it as I’m losing a bit of drive at the moment.. Ran 10k in JUST over an hour – my best time yet! Very happy with my progress!