18/12/2013 – Burger Buddy!

Today I got to see the fantastic Claire! She’s my old housemate who was on this blog quite a lot before we changed houses! We’re starting a new ‘thing’ where each time we meet up we go to a new burger place. Tonight I took her to Haché, one of my favourite burger places inContinue reading “18/12/2013 – Burger Buddy!”

17/12/2013 – Client drinks? Nah, here’s an orangeman.

After work we headed into Chelsea to have some client drinks. It was a really fun night! Why don’t you agree by looking at this really exciting photo? Oh wait, I didn’t take any photos apart from one of a Clementine snowman at work.. ’tis the season and all!

16/12/2013 – Admin Evening

It’s one of those days where I forget to take a photo during the day, and do nothing exciting in the evening! After work it was most certainly an admin day, followed by a dose of Bob’s Burgers whilst in bed. I’m exceedingly happy right now, with a very busy week coming up! I’ll tryContinue reading “16/12/2013 – Admin Evening”

15/12/2013 – Pizza break

I feel like I haven’t stopped recently! This week has been very tiring, so I allowed myself a day off. My only aim today was to eat pizza at some points. I went for a little bike ride but you’ll be pleased to know I completed my aim with flying colours. Deeeelightful.

14/12/2013 – X Factor Finals visit!

My lovely friend Maria who I’m sure I’ve mentioned before did some of the design work for the X Factor, which meant she got two complimentary tickets to see the live final and invited me! I’ve only watched some of it this year as reality tv isn’t really my thing, but it ended up beingContinue reading “14/12/2013 – X Factor Finals visit!”

13/12/2013 – Sparkly Christmas Time

Tonight was my work’s Christmas do. It was held in Dstrkt in central London, a really fancy club (I paid £24 for two single vodkas and cokes once the tab ran out in the early hours!). It was great fun, had a fantastic night. Here’s me in my sparkly Christmas frock and a shot fromContinue reading “13/12/2013 – Sparkly Christmas Time”

12/12/2013 – Keep drinking for Christmas!

I went from having no Christmas parties planned to having them coming out my ears! I went out with a friend tonight to their mates Christmas do, it was good to catch up and nice to see central London’s Christmas lights again! Pretty 🙂

11/12/2013 – Foggy ol’ City

Today was very foggy in London. It was quite eery walking to Clapham Junction, these photos were taken just outside my house. Another good day in work, with an evening full of admin work. Washing, tidying, organising, all those fun things! But I did enjoy a quiet night in – it’s been a busy fewContinue reading “11/12/2013 – Foggy ol’ City”

10/12/2013 – Second Day and Skating

Second day at new job was just as great, happy Steph. I went Ice Skating after work with a lot of people from my office, it was great fun, and a huge chance to meet lots of friendly faces.

09/12/2013 – First Day and The D!!

First day at my new job and I’m already loving it! WHAT a day I’ve had. In the office it was just meeting people, setting everything up and becoming more familiar and settled. Everyone is super friendly, and we had our Christmas team night out – I feel spoiled already here! After the meal andContinue reading “09/12/2013 – First Day and The D!!”