10/12/2012 – I finally saw The Cat Empire!

For those that don’t know me too well, this is my all time favourite band. It’s a rare thing for me to settle on a top favourite, a number one, a pinicle of the best! But for bands, it’s The Cat Empire, no questions asked. I’ve had these tickets since April, and you might thinkContinue reading “10/12/2012 – I finally saw The Cat Empire!”

09/12/2012 – Steph and Claire’s Christmas Day!

We’ve had this day planned for what feels like months now… A marvellously Christmas Day going around Winter Wonderland, and oh did it not disappoint! Sadly the ice skating was all fully booked up, but we decided to go on the big rides instead which we’re great fun! We drank mulled wine on the merry-go-roundContinue reading “09/12/2012 – Steph and Claire’s Christmas Day!”

08/12/2012 – Back to productivity! .. After a nap

I had a nice day today, finally got back into running and went for a 6k run! It was way harder than my last one a couple weeks prior (holiday and illness have recently got the better of me) but as they say, a bad run is better than no run at all! After thatContinue reading “08/12/2012 – Back to productivity! .. After a nap”

07/12/2012 – Unexpected beer fridge is the best kind…

The beer fridge was unexpectedly opened today! One might think this leads to an unproductive work force, but you’d be wrong! In my case anyway, as I ended up having a break for a beer and then working for an extra hour and a half still drinking and getting a lot of work done (afterContinue reading “07/12/2012 – Unexpected beer fridge is the best kind…”

06/12/2012 – Team building, take two!

Due to a mess up, I managed to get on two team building days! One for development, and one for communications (as of 2013 I believe I’m 100% in communications as their designer). This team building was a lot different to segwaying with the guys as we went out for a lavish meal instead atContinue reading “06/12/2012 – Team building, take two!”

05/12/2012 – Christmas in the Office!

It’s all getting Christmassy now! My manager whipped out the decorations today and I made my PC and bamboo festive! A resident snowman has also set up camp for the winter months.

04/12/2012 – The Winter Mornings Arrive

There’s something so calming about winter. If you ignore the hectic delays the weather can cause, and the illness.. yadda yadda bah humbug. Then you find that orange glow a December morning brings, or the silence of snow – my two favourite things about this time of year.

03/12/2012 – Christmas is in our flat!

  Claire and I were reunited today at long last, and she brought Christmas with her in the shape of our small, yet beautifully formed Christmas tree and decorations! It now sits with pride of place on our table.

02/11/2012 – I’ll just stay here then..

I’m back in work tomorrow and thus will have to man up, for now though, my bed is still my best friend! Here’s my view for most of today as I slowly watched the sun go around…

01/12/2012 – New York Jammies and Jet Lag

I’m still tremendously jet-lagged, marvellous! But hey, look at my fancy jammies, guess where I got them?! Oh and I still haven’t unpacked..