12/09/2013 – Killing Time in London

Day two, all good so far! Carrying on with my updates.. I’m still loving living in London 🙂 I now live in Clapham Common, and cycle past this landmark each day which is great!

11/09/2013 – I’m back! And so is the rain..

We had a fantastic summer in Britain. It started a bit later than normal but boy did it make up for that! You may have noticed I haven’t been around for a while, after a photo a day for over a year, I decided I needed a break. But fear not! I’m back 🙂 ThisContinue reading “11/09/2013 – I’m back! And so is the rain..”

01/04/2013 – Last Easter Day of Freedom

Last day of Easter celebrations! These adorable cakes made an appearance. Heading back to London today.. It’s going to take 5 hours of travelling due to Reading Engineering works, but travelling in style, first class! (It wasn’t that more expensive, whoop!)

31/03/2013 – Happy Easter!

I gave up Chocolate, Crisps and Sweets for lent! It wasn’t too hard, but I have been looking forward to crisps for a while now! These were my Easter goodies from my Mum – they’re going to last me weeks! Have a good Easter break everyone!

30/03/2013 – 30km cycle! Breezy but fun!

I miss having my own bike when I’m in London, so I always take advantage on when I’m home and steal my mums! Cycled to Penarth today from Cardiff, 30km round trip. On track to cycling 100km in one day by the end of the year, love it.

29/03/2013 – Drinks with Darbyshire!

Best thing about being home is seeing friendly faces! Didn’t have much spare time this weekend as I was down to see family, but did have time for quick lunch and drink with the lovely David, and then popped round to plan a trip to Disney Land with Fiona!

28/03/2013 – Morning run! Lovely sunrise

Definitely improving my leg! Managed 3.5km today, and it didn’t even hurt towards the end but thought it was best to not push it. Progress though! And back in Cardiff by

27/03/2013 – Heading Home Soon!

Booked my train tickets home today! Heading back on Thursday night, really exciting for this long weekend break away from “the big city”. Not much else happening today apart from packing and organising!

26/03/2013 – Today was grim..

Last night was a resounding success! We went to revs and had an awesome night of cocktails and laughs! Spent today clock watching.. Tic tic tic. Slowest day in the world, but got a lot of work done surprisingly.

25/03/2013 – IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! 365 blog posts!

It’s my birthday! Which means two things. ONE. I’m 22! This is now the most consecutive days I’ve lived for. TWO. I’ve posted a photo for everyday of the last 365 days! It’s been officially a year, and still going strong. Thank you to all my new followers, you’re all wonderful! Here’s to year 23Continue reading “25/03/2013 – IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! 365 blog posts!”