16/11/2012 – Drunk Photo..

Let’s be honest here, I went out drinking  this evening with friends after work and completely forgot to take any photos. However it appears drunk me remembered and took this brilliantly artistic photo on the tube home.. *eherm*

14/11/2012 – Prince’s Bangin’ Birthday

  Found out on the Londonist this morning that it was Prince Charles’ Birthday today, and they were firing 62 cannon shots from the Tower of London! I’m not a huge royalist at all, but YAY CANNONS! So I headed down at lunch and got a few photos and listened to the 62 loud bangs.

11/11/12 – Remembrance Sunday

Today is Remembrance Sunday. I wish I could have headed out into the centre of London to watch the guards etc, but I was actually ill in bed all day and had to go to the doctors. It seems last night put my health over the edge, and I got diagnosed with Nora Virus, yay.

10/11/2012 – The Warped Tour UK 2012

Today myself, Claire and Craig went to the UK’s Warped Tour! It’s the first time it’s been in the use in 14 years, and it was bloody brilliant. I had a great day and saw Awolnation (pictured) and Bowling for Soup (amongst others) who are two of my favourite bands!

07/11/2012 – Breakfast for queens!

I’ve not been so great with healthy eating recently.. I think it’s because of how my stupid mind works – “Oh hey! You’re doing great with exercise.. that means you can have a burger right? Riiight?” Dammit. But I’m trying to be better again, starting with this for breakfast! A great, healthy breakfast that IContinue reading “07/11/2012 – Breakfast for queens!”