23/07/15 – Cycle to freedom!

Nic and I have tomorrow off work to go to Harry Potter World! SO excited. So along with the excellent feeling of having a long weekend, I’m also basking in the fact my health is on the up! I’m still wheezing away, but I cycled to work again, and managed a longer detoured 13 mile cycle homeContinue reading “23/07/15 – Cycle to freedom!”

22/07/15 – Surprise Flowers

I finally managed to cycle into work today which means I am officially on the mend, huzzah! The best part of today though was coming home to a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my lovely Mum. They are a get well present and they certainly put a smile on my face today!

21/07/15 – A little paws in my day

I’m finally on the mend as I trudged back into work today! I chose not to cycle though as I’m still wheezing after a couple flights of stairs.. The highlight of my day was bumping into Polaroid Cat (named by us as her colour looks slightly like a faded Polaroid photo) who was absolutely adorableContinue reading “21/07/15 – A little paws in my day”

19/07/15 – After partying party

So turns out being ill AND hungover is horrendous, so I spent a large portion of today napping.. It seems my illness isn’t going away anytime soon and wants to get worse before getting better.. Oh dear. Later this evening we went to visit an old colleague and his family for a nice (sober) catchContinue reading “19/07/15 – After partying party”

18/07/15 – Lambeth County Show

Such a great day! Bumble bee face paint, Darren my dinosaur balloon, gallons of cider.. Even a cushion with a map of our area on it, because yes, even while partying I like to furnish my house.. The evening ended with me entirely losing my voice, even cider couldn’t save it in the end. PleaseContinue reading “18/07/15 – Lambeth County Show”

17/07/15 – Labyrinth under the stars

Well, I’m still coughing my lungs up like a 50-a-day smoker but that won’t stop me cracking on with life! Tonight Nic and I went over the road to Crystal Palace Park to watch Labyrinth at a Luna Outdoor Cinema event. It was such a lovely evening and we even saw quite a few starsContinue reading “17/07/15 – Labyrinth under the stars”

16/07/15 – Ladies who tapas

Feeling a smidge better than yesterday, I managed to not only make it into work but also back out for dinner! Though my husky voice could now woo any cold heart.. Ah the joys of a bad cold. But it was drinks and tapas for the lovely Alana’s birthday and I couldn’t be missing that.Continue reading “16/07/15 – Ladies who tapas”

15/07/15 – I wasn’t just tired..

… Turns out I was actually ill yesterday when I struggled with my run and cycle. Biked into work today feeling a bit groggy, only to go down hill pretty fast literally then figuratively as I only got iller and iller.. I left work early so I could get my bike home on the trainContinue reading “15/07/15 – I wasn’t just tired..”

14/07/15 – Happy Anniversary!

Happy week anniversary blog readers!.. Even just typing that makes me feel like a 10 year old in my first ‘long term’ relationship.. Please don’t break up with me at playtime.. On a slightly grander scale, today also marks three years of living in London! This last year has really been the best yet asContinue reading “14/07/15 – Happy Anniversary!”