02/11/15 – Glowing misty London

The fog has decided to stick around to see the new week in here in London. It’s beautiful weather to ride in, nice and chilly with some gorgeous sites, very mystical. Nic is off on holiday tomorrow for a few nights so I’ll have the flat to myself! I’m definitely going to miss him, butContinue reading “02/11/15 – Glowing misty London”

01/11/15 – Boyfriend in the mist

Surprisingly, Nic and I managed to get out the door at 9.15 this morning to go cycling – despite the copious cider drinking of yesterday.. We had to break in the new bike, and the weather was so incredibly foggy it was a fantastic ride. We ended up going over 33 miles in the mistContinue reading “01/11/15 – Boyfriend in the mist”

31/10/15 – Happy Halloween! 👻

Today has been a great day! We went to decathalon and bought Nic a big boy bike (compared to the Bromptons). I’m so excited to get going on proper long cycle trips now!! Then this evening we went to a beer festival in Wandsworth. We tried lots of diffeent and delicious ciders, then went intoContinue reading “31/10/15 – Happy Halloween! 👻”

30/10/15 – Foggy morning then pub!

Well, last night has left a slight fog over me today.. So my Friday began with a damp walk to Crystal Palace station a bit later than I planned.. But, it ended with dinner and drinks with Nic at our local pub so all’s well that ends well. Happy Friday everyone!

29/10/15 – The unexpected delay

I gave up on my train this morning I was so sure I had missed it. But there it was, only a mere three minutes late! ..only to be held at a red signal for 20 minutes just outside of Balham, where I took this photo.. Today was a good day as after work IContinue reading “29/10/15 – The unexpected delay”

28/10/15 – Following the moon home

A soggy start to the day as I cycled into work in the rain.. but today is yoga day at lunch, so that was nice! I’m also pleased to have finished my analytic work for this project, and back to working on the final visual designs, yay! I followed the moon the whole cycle home today,Continue reading “28/10/15 – Following the moon home”

27/10/15 – Back garden shadows

Busy day today! I cycled into work in just 44mins (12.5mph average, woo!) but then due to meetings didn’t have time to run at lunch.. However, Nic aggreed to do 5km after work with me! So that was lovely. We’re now super sleepy, but I did manage to get this photo. It’s from our bedroomContinue reading “27/10/15 – Back garden shadows”

26/10/15 – Moonlit walk back home

Woke up today feeling quite groggy so I decided to take the train into work instead of cycling. It’s a habit I need to get out of as it’s not a good one! Even more so now due to the clocks going back, as I can’t walk the short way home through the park.. ThoughContinue reading “26/10/15 – Moonlit walk back home”

24/10/15 – Autumnal Bristol day trip!

Nic and I went to Bristol today to visit our friends from my uni days! The weather was incredibly soggy, but the company was fantastic as always. We took a lovely walk to Clifton Suspension bridge while we all caught up on each others lives. I’ve spent most of the day basking in how autumnalContinue reading “24/10/15 – Autumnal Bristol day trip!”

23/10/15 – ‘Goodbye Joel’ Drinks!

One of my favourite colleagues, Joel, had his last day at my work today! He’s always a massive laugh so it’s definitely sad to see him go.. But we did get to have a lovely evening in Hammersmith celebrating his silly ways! Couldn’t stay out too late tonight as we’re off to Bristol tomorrow morning!Continue reading “23/10/15 – ‘Goodbye Joel’ Drinks!”