14/02/16 – Eggcellent Sunday

Our aim today was to cycle 50 miles!… But… We woke up to Nic having a massive cold and when I cycled into town quickly it was freeeeezing with a bitterly cold wind.. so I made the call not to go cycling. I think we’ll wait until spring for our big rides, I’m so excited!Continue reading “14/02/16 – Eggcellent Sunday”

13/02/16 – Fishing and bowling!

Mix of events today. Nic and I went to the Horniman Museum after breakfast as they have a weekly farmers market we wanted to check out. We then went to the aquarium in the museum basement, which was surprisingly good! Then in the evening I went out with the girls to bowling in Bloomsbury. ItContinue reading “13/02/16 – Fishing and bowling!”

12/02/16 – Pizza Friday!

Nic and I treat ourselves with takeaway once a month. We chose Papa Johns for our Friday night February feast! We’re now basking out on the sofa, happy, but with big bellies.. Worth it! Cycling to work was surprisingly easy today after yesterdays run, I even managed a cheeky full body workout at lunch! SoContinue reading “12/02/16 – Pizza Friday!”

11/02/16 – 9 Mile London Running Tour!

Ohhhh I’m so happy! Corinne and I set out after work to run to Waterloo, so around 5 miles from work. Well, after saying goodbye to her, I only blumming ran to Herne Hill, totalling 9 miles! And the best news of all was it was a great run, I feel fantastic and I’ve definitelyContinue reading “11/02/16 – 9 Mile London Running Tour!”

10/02/16 – Colourful meetings in London

Today was fun! I managed to run 5.5 miles before work which I’m really pleased with – my current aim is to be able to run to work which is 9.5 miles from home, so I’m on my way! Later on we had a meeting at Channel 4’s head London office to show some designContinue reading “10/02/16 – Colourful meetings in London”

09/02/16 – Chilly sunshine run

London is so cold today! The weather really can’t seem to make it’s mind up right now.. Today’s lunchtime run was very sunny but also very very chilly!! However I would much rather that over my incredibly soggy cycle home after work.. As I said, can’t make it’s mind up! More prep work today forContinue reading “09/02/16 – Chilly sunshine run”

08/02/16 – Movie Monday!

Cycled to work today and still feeling good! The UK is incredibly windy at the moment so cycling isn’t the funnest of commutes right now.. But I’m still going! Nic and I made Korma today with vegetables, potato and Quorn – it was delicious and the main thing spurring me on during my cycle homeContinue reading “08/02/16 – Movie Monday!”

07/02/16 – Happy Sunday!

Nic and I have had a lovely Sunday today! We popped out to do some food shopping then we had Jess and Damian around for a Sunday dinner. After eating some delicious food, we ended up drinking a magnum of prosecco and playing banagrams and have had the nicest of days. I love my friendsContinue reading “07/02/16 – Happy Sunday!”

06/02/16 – Hello Spring!

It’s definitely very pre-emptive saying that, but it really does feel like spring is around the corner here in London! The blossom is out and so are the daffodils and I’m loving it. We were due stormy weather today so I decided to pop out for a quick run before it all kicked off. TookContinue reading “06/02/16 – Hello Spring!”

05/02/16 – A cheesy 100 miles!

A rogue selfie for my photo today! It’s Friday and I’m very excited for a lovely weekend break.. Especially after cycling home from work tonight has put me over 100 miles this week! I’m feeling so good being back ‘on it’ again. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!