23/08/15 – Day of (lazy) rest

Last night was fantastic but we weren’t feeling fantastic this morning.. So it. was a gaming day, Nic and I have completed Need for Speed and have now moved onto GTA.. The sofa had been our base. Today’s photo is a meta photo of a photo from last night! Again, such a great evening.

21/08/15 – Busy busy London town

I’m off to San Francisco this Wednesday(!) and we have quite the busy weekend coming up, so I decided to get my last bits and bobs after work tonight. This unfortunately involved getting the tube to Oxford street which always ends up a regretful choice.. It was a gorgeous evening though (between the sweaty confusedContinue reading “21/08/15 – Busy busy London town”

20/08/15 – Winners at monkeying around

This evening was my departments team building day! We split off into groups for a large scavenger hunt around west London. Our team won two awards, one for the most pubs photographed outside of(!), and obviously, best team photo! It was such a fun eveninh, even though we did end up walking about 6 milesContinue reading “20/08/15 – Winners at monkeying around”

19/08/15 – Call me Dr Cat

It’s been an uneventfully rainy day in london today. Though I did meet this lovely guy who had made the doctors waiting room his home this morning. A few chin scritches then it was off to work! Nic and I got absolutely soaked on the way home so we made a point of having sausages,Continue reading “19/08/15 – Call me Dr Cat”

18/08/15 – Miles for lunch

A lunchtime run was definitely what I needed today! It was a lone run as the other girls were busy but it was lovely none the less, 5km in 27 minutes so I was pretty pleased. Then this evening I went for a lush Thai meal catch up with my first London housemate, Claire! DelishContinue reading “18/08/15 – Miles for lunch”

17/08/15 – What a day..

I’m pretty lucky to have very few bad days, but today was definitely one of the few! I feel like I hardly spoken to anyone today as I wallowed away at my desk working – that’s why I thought this spider was a pretty apt photo. Onward and upward – my lovely boyfriend made tacosContinue reading “17/08/15 – What a day..”

16/08/15 – (Bath) Spa Day

After breakfast in bed Nic and I headed out to our well earned spa day at the Thermae Spa in Bath. It was absolutely glorious and highly recommended if you want to melt stress away. It was then off for a spot of afternoon tea and a stroll around the city. A relaxing end toContinue reading “16/08/15 – (Bath) Spa Day”

14/08/15 – Never do things by half

Here we are in a lovely B&B in Bath ready for Maria and Dan’s wedding day tomorrow! Nic and I hopped on the train after work and got here quite late, but their welcome was still so warm and the room is gorgeous. Time for a lavish weekend in Bath!