18/09/15 – Breakfast ontop of London’s skyline

After an exceedingly long day yesterday, we decided to do the only sensible option this morning.. get up at 6am to have breakfast on top of the walkie talkie building in the city of London of course! It was probably the most expensive cooked breakfast I’ve ever had but it was definitely worth it forContinue reading “18/09/15 – Breakfast ontop of London’s skyline”

17/09/15 – Short but sweet, Scotland

From having a Scottish mum, you can imagine I’ve been to Scotland many times, however I’ve actually never set foot in Edinburgh before! Man was I not disappointed, that city is beautiful. Even a day long meeting couldn’t stop me dragging my colleague off to explore.. and obviously having a customary Irn Bru. We flewContinue reading “17/09/15 – Short but sweet, Scotland”

16/09/15 – Basking in Scotland

Short one today at work as we left early just after 3pm to catch our flight to Edinbrugh. We’re only here for one night and have a full day of meetings tomorrow so tonight it was time to get our Scottish money’s worth! Aberdeen Angus steak, and a large whisky.. Yes please!

15/09/15 – Speedy soggy run!

I headed out today on my lonesome for a lunchtime run at work whilst the skies were sunny and my spirits were high! And, well, you guessed it, the heavens opened on me and I got absolutely soaked… It seems the weather isn’t on my side recently, or I’m just rubbish at checking the forecast.Continue reading “15/09/15 – Speedy soggy run!”

14/09/15 – Showering commute

A quiet start to the week this Monday. Work is consisting of prep work for Wednesday’s meeting in Edinbrugh so it’s all relatively relaxed. I’m now back into full time cycle commute when I can.. as the jet leg melts away I can’t keep using it as an excuse, so it’s back to two wheels!Continue reading “14/09/15 – Showering commute”

13/09/15 – Tall trees of Wokingham

After a well needed lie in this morning (still recovering from Friday nights blow up bed incident) Nic and I headed off to a garden party in Wokingham put on by my colleague Jon and his family. The party was in celebration of his new house revamp – after months of work they’re now finallyContinue reading “13/09/15 – Tall trees of Wokingham”

12/09/15 – Happy Birthday Lee!

Busy busy day this Saturday as planned.. Though it did start with a rickety sleep on an air bed. Apparently you know when you’re getting older when air beds are no longer fun and exciting but just cause back pain… Though after a recovery lie in, we said goodbye to Nic’s parents, went for coffeeContinue reading “12/09/15 – Happy Birthday Lee!”

11/09/15 – Raining Acorns

What a lovely Friday I’ve had so far – I say so far as we’re currently waiting on the arrival of Nic’s parents so that’ll be nice as well! Today was a good day in work as I plowed through a lot of work, and had ‘breakfast for lunch’ with Fae! Then to top itContinue reading “11/09/15 – Raining Acorns”

10/09/15 – The first autumnal run

‘Miles for Lunch’ is back! (our lunchtime work running club). Corinne and I ran 6km today on a very warm and windy lunchtime. Though the leaves are turning, it was boiling! Summer seems to be giving it one last try.. Today was also my first day back cycling to work – so it’s been anContinue reading “10/09/15 – The first autumnal run”

09/09/15 – I’m in meaty heaven

Today consisted of what I would call a balanced diet… But maybe you won’t agree.. It started off with a 5 mile run at 6am before work (which went much better than my California runs, goodbye muggy mornings!). Then at lunchtime I went to an hour long yoga class. Healthy healthy right? Wrong.. I thenContinue reading “09/09/15 – I’m in meaty heaven”