27/08/15 – Visiting Alcatraz Island

Today we walked over 9 miles! After a classic (and delicious!) American breakfast of waffles, turkey sausage and ‘breakfast syrup’ it was off to get the boat to Alcatraz. I have always had an interest for the island so it was such a great experience to go their in person. We learnt a lot andContinue reading “27/08/15 – Visiting Alcatraz Island”

26/08/15 – California Girls!

Well, after roughly 16 hours since we left my house in London we made it to San Francisco! Such a fantastic first day of our holiday. I managed to sleep for lots of the flight (between the meals!), then we got a taxi to our first hotel and went out for dinner with an incredibleContinue reading “26/08/15 – California Girls!”

24/08/15 – Soggy countdown begins

The heavens opened today in London and it was impressive to say the least! I wasted my time having a shower before leaving for work as I ended up in this state by the time I got there… But, happy smiles all around as I’m off to San Francisco on Wednesday and this was myContinue reading “24/08/15 – Soggy countdown begins”

23/08/15 – Day of (lazy) rest

Last night was fantastic but we weren’t feeling fantastic this morning.. So it. was a gaming day, Nic and I have completed Need for Speed and have now moved onto GTA.. The sofa had been our base. Today’s photo is a meta photo of a photo from last night! Again, such a great evening.

21/08/15 – Busy busy London town

I’m off to San Francisco this Wednesday(!) and we have quite the busy weekend coming up, so I decided to get my last bits and bobs after work tonight. This unfortunately involved getting the tube to Oxford street which always ends up a regretful choice.. It was a gorgeous evening though (between the sweaty confusedContinue reading “21/08/15 – Busy busy London town”

20/08/15 – Winners at monkeying around

This evening was my departments team building day! We split off into groups for a large scavenger hunt around west London. Our team won two awards, one for the most pubs photographed outside of(!), and obviously, best team photo! It was such a fun eveninh, even though we did end up walking about 6 milesContinue reading “20/08/15 – Winners at monkeying around”

19/08/15 – Call me Dr Cat

It’s been an uneventfully rainy day in london today. Though I did meet this lovely guy who had made the doctors waiting room his home this morning. A few chin scritches then it was off to work! Nic and I got absolutely soaked on the way home so we made a point of having sausages,Continue reading “19/08/15 – Call me Dr Cat”

18/08/15 – Miles for lunch

A lunchtime run was definitely what I needed today! It was a lone run as the other girls were busy but it was lovely none the less, 5km in 27 minutes so I was pretty pleased. Then this evening I went for a lush Thai meal catch up with my first London housemate, Claire! DelishContinue reading “18/08/15 – Miles for lunch”