18/10/15 – It’s a Quiet Sunday

As agreed yesterday, we have had a lovely relaxing day in the flat. We’ve put all our furniture together that we bought yesterday and then chilled playing GTA whilst I did some work. Later on we had homemade Korma and sorted through old guitar magazines.. It’s been a pretty swell day doing nothing much, sometimesContinue reading “18/10/15 – It’s a Quiet Sunday”

17/10/15 – Sorting out Saturday

We had such a productive Saturday today, which ended with a trip to IKEA (that’s Nic in the photo!). So many things ticked off our to-do list so we’re feeling pretty accomplished, we even picked up a gingerbread house – bonus! It’s a relaxing weekend from here on out.. We’ve already agreed to do diddlyContinue reading “17/10/15 – Sorting out Saturday”

16/10/15 – Book of Mormon date night!

Friday night date night! I went to see the Book of Mormon a couple years ago with a friend and enjoyed it so much I decided that Nic needed to see it too! I’d recommend anyone to go see it, it’s a fantastic show, always so impressive and hilarious. Happy Friday everyone, hope you allContinue reading “16/10/15 – Book of Mormon date night!”

15/10/15 – Come Dine with Steph!

Tonight I had Corinne and Fae round for dinner! We have a monthly Come Dine with Me evening and tonight was my night. I made a chicken, asparagus and pea pie with mash and veg, it was a total hit so I’m super pleased! Friday tomorrow, woo hoo! This week is dragging a bit asContinue reading “15/10/15 – Come Dine with Steph!”

14/10/15 – The Golden Tree

Happy happy golden autumnal sunshine. The light evenings are slipping away with each day, but it’s not all showers and gloom as the Autumn sun is working his magic too. Work is so much calmer this week, I even managed to go to yoga today at lunch! No doubt it’ll get hectic again soon enoughContinue reading “14/10/15 – The Golden Tree”

13/10/15 – Miles for Lunch is back!

Miles for Lunch is our work running club! We’ve been on a bit of a hiatus this last month as I was on holiday, then bogged down with work and Scotland trips.. But we’re back with a solid 6km run during today’s lunchtime. The weather here in London is certainly turning, as it’s much moreContinue reading “13/10/15 – Miles for Lunch is back!”

12/10/15 – New office view!

Today I moved desk! You can tell it’s been a quiet Monday as this was the pinnacle of my day.. But I do have a fancy new sunset view ooooo. I’m back cycling to work again! It’s nice to be back into a slightly calmer routine. Nic and I then had brinner (breakfast for dinner)Continue reading “12/10/15 – New office view!”

11/10/15 – Light up Sunday

Experimental photo today because why the hell not? It’s Sunday evening! Nic and I did a big shop this morning, then had Dan and Lee round our house for a roast dinner. It’s been a really nice, relaxing Sunday mostly spent eating and playing on the PS3 and Wii. We then played around with theContinue reading “11/10/15 – Light up Sunday”

10/10/15 – Saturday night date night!

Ahh joyous Saturday. We’ve had a lovely day today! I went out this morning and ran 6km to get me back into the swing of things after last Sundays half marathon. Annoyingly, my left thigh is giving me a lot of gip so I’m having to take it easy – I’m just pleased It’s doingContinue reading “10/10/15 – Saturday night date night!”

09/10/15 – Early bird catches the plane

A 5am start kicked off today as I got a taxi to Heathrow for my flight to Edinbrugh. We caught the sunrise cutting through the fog as we waited to board the plane, so there are some bonuses to flying this early! Our workshops today went very well; the client is happy so I’m happy!Continue reading “09/10/15 – Early bird catches the plane”