18/08/15 – Miles for lunch

A lunchtime run was definitely what I needed today! It was a lone run as the other girls were busy but it was lovely none the less, 5km in 27 minutes so I was pretty pleased. Then this evening I went for a lush Thai meal catch up with my first London housemate, Claire! DelishContinue reading “18/08/15 – Miles for lunch”

17/08/15 – What a day..

I’m pretty lucky to have very few bad days, but today was definitely one of the few! I feel like I hardly spoken to anyone today as I wallowed away at my desk working – that’s why I thought this spider was a pretty apt photo. Onward and upward – my lovely boyfriend made tacosContinue reading “17/08/15 – What a day..”

16/08/15 – (Bath) Spa Day

After breakfast in bed Nic and I headed out to our well earned spa day at the Thermae Spa in Bath. It was absolutely glorious and highly recommended if you want to melt stress away. It was then off for a spot of afternoon tea and a stroll around the city. A relaxing end toContinue reading “16/08/15 – (Bath) Spa Day”

14/08/15 – Never do things by half

Here we are in a lovely B&B in Bath ready for Maria and Dan’s wedding day tomorrow! Nic and I hopped on the train after work and got here quite late, but their welcome was still so warm and the room is gorgeous. Time for a lavish weekend in Bath!

13/08/15 – Hanging out at Aerial Silks

I had SUCH a good and tiring evening tonight! Corinne and I tried aerial silks for the first time and it was fantastic! Though I’m nervous for my achy arms tomorrow, we’ll definitely be going back soon. One of the main things I want to achieve this year is to get fit and strong –Continue reading “13/08/15 – Hanging out at Aerial Silks”

12/08/15 – Monkeying around lidos

We’re getting the hang of this after work swimming malarkey! I managed to swim a whole 1km after work today – the furthest I’ve ever swam in one go (I think).. Pretty chuffed! And continuing on a roll of PBs I also managed to do a full set of monkey bars AND come back onContinue reading “12/08/15 – Monkeying around lidos”

11/08/15 – Running from West to East

Today after work Corinne and I ran from West London to East London! It was a very soggy run but we did it, and it was really nice to have the cool weather for a change Corinnes longest ever run at 11.65km! And I carried on a bit to Victoria for a total of 13.25km.Continue reading “11/08/15 – Running from West to East”

09/08/15 – Quick hello to the sea

I headed back to London today after a lovely weekend in North Wales with my sister and Nana. It was great being back in Wales, the rolling green hills and mountains were a welcome change from south east London. Before I got dropped off to the station we even managed a quick trip to theContinue reading “09/08/15 – Quick hello to the sea”