14/02/21 – Valentine’s chippy date

Nic and I walked to Brockwell today to have chip shop chips in the park! It was much milder than Friday so made for a more pleasant potato eating experience. More birds standing on ice, but looks like it’ll be the last of it as the temp is already climbing up here in London. I’mContinue reading “14/02/21 – Valentine’s chippy date”

13/02/21 – Running views

Quiet day today. I ran 11 miles though! To Nunhead, so lots of hills but great views. Another slower run that I really enjoyed. I then spent the rest of the day finishing my latest book and finally catching up online with some friends. I’m really enjoying my long weekend, so nice to have aContinue reading “13/02/21 – Running views”

12/02/21 – Freezing day off

Nic and I took the day off work today. A day to recharge. We walked down to crystal Palace Park to get a jacket potato for lunch whilst watching the birds on the frozen lake. It sounds magical but it was freeeeeezing. We did have a lovely time though, and it certainly blew away someContinue reading “12/02/21 – Freezing day off”

11/02/21 – Footprints in the snow

The snow is starting to melt but not without a fight! It was -5 degrees here today which is cold for London. I’m enjoying seeing all the little footprints in the snow from all our little cat and fox visitors that we get in the garden. We have a high traffic route which due toContinue reading “11/02/21 – Footprints in the snow”

08/02/21 – Day of rest

I woke up today with a killer headache after what was one of my worst sleeps in months. I ended up taking the day off work and slept for another three hours! Clearly I needed it. It snowed and snowed today but we didn’t feel like going out in it. Snapped this photo of NicContinue reading “08/02/21 – Day of rest”

07/02/21 – Snowy run!

It’s snowed all day here today. I went out for a nine mile run in it when it hadn’t yet settled on the pavements. It was wonderful, so refreshing and calm. I enjoyed all the nods of encouragement from passers by who were also out braving the elements. Later on today I devoured more ofContinue reading “07/02/21 – Snowy run!”

06/02/21 – New book!

Finally finished one of my more slower books and I’m onto a fresh fiction that I got for Christmas from my sister! I’ve been looking forward to this for ages – to lose myself in a lovely story. A lot of my books have been pretty hard going recently so I’m hoping this will beContinue reading “06/02/21 – New book!”

05/02/21 – Crystal Palace lunchin’

Today we drove to Crystal Palace Park to give the car a run and to have an exciting Friday lunchtime! The weather was glorious and we walked around the park in the sunshine. It’s made us immediately want to book a day off work to come here on the next sunny day. It really feelsContinue reading “05/02/21 – Crystal Palace lunchin’”