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08/09/2012 – Partying as a grad! — Sep 15, 2012
17/08/2012 – Cardiff escape — Aug 26, 2012

17/08/2012 – Cardiff escape

Today I got the bus home to Cardiff for the first time since I’ve moved to London! The main reason was for an old friend’s birthday, and it was an amazing night! I was too caught up in the nights escapades to get any photos but did snap one of my (sisters) tired heels! Amazing night though!


11/08/2012 – Touristing Around London — Aug 12, 2012

11/08/2012 – Touristing Around London


Today was such a nice day! Claire and I went around London in search for Cream tea as we really fancied a day out in London, and scones! We eventually found some in the Tate Modern (and they were amazing!), after frolicking around in water fountains, watching a bit of the Olympics and walking miles on end! It was a great day, and I went off to get a few cliché photos I’ve always wanted. A really good Saturday all in all!

02/07/2012 – Fran’s Back from China! — Jul 7, 2012

02/07/2012 – Fran’s Back from China!

My friend Sue came to stay at mine today, as our friend the lovely Fran came back from China today for a short stay before leaving again for another year! We had a really good night out, but sadly my camera died soon after the train journey to Newport, so here’s that one photo of me and Sue heading to Newport!

29/06/2012 – We Met Mario! —
25/04/2012 — Apr 27, 2012


Had to take another day off work today to get more university work done. Got two commission projects finished which I’ll be posting on my other blog soon enough! After that we went out for Claires birthday! It was a great night out, and here’s a low light photo of my awesome housemate David and I in Revs, Newport! (Slightly worse for wear..)Image

24/04/2012 — Apr 25, 2012



Another day at university, only 4 weeks until hand in! Today we threw Claire a pre-uni-birthday party! It was fun, we had balloons, cake, banners and tiaras. YAY. Graphics is much more fun in tiaras. Oh, and balloon childishness.