08/09/2012 – Partying as a grad!

This photo makes me laugh! David and I were reunited again (my old housemate and awesome friend) this is a very drunk photo of me, but I still love it! We all went out to Newport and then Cardiff tonight to celebrate graduating! It was great fun, and so nice to see lots of familiarContinue reading “08/09/2012 – Partying as a grad!”

17/08/2012 – Cardiff escape

Today I got the bus home to Cardiff for the first time since I’ve moved to London! The main reason was for an old friend’s birthday, and it was an amazing night! I was too caught up in the nights escapades to get any photos but did snap one of my (sisters) tired heels! AmazingContinue reading “17/08/2012 – Cardiff escape”

11/08/2012 – Touristing Around London

  Today was such a nice day! Claire and I went around London in search for Cream tea as we really fancied a day out in London, and scones! We eventually found some in the Tate Modern (and they were amazing!), after frolicking around in water fountains, watching a bit of the Olympics and walking miles onContinue reading “11/08/2012 – Touristing Around London”

02/07/2012 – Fran’s Back from China!

My friend Sue came to stay at mine today, as our friend the lovely Fran came back from China today for a short stay before leaving again for another year! We had a really good night out, but sadly my camera died soon after the train journey to Newport, so here’s that one photo ofContinue reading “02/07/2012 – Fran’s Back from China!”