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01/12/2012 – New York Jammies and Jet Lag — Dec 5, 2012
28/11/2012 – A Stroll to Say Goodbye —
27/11/2012 – We met the Man himself —

27/11/2012 – We met the Man himself

Yes, yes, it’s true, in Macy’s infact – and he was lovely! The childless inside of me will never end, and this seriously made my day. Meeting Santa, in New York, in Macy’s. This was a great day, apart from the weather – it chucked it down! So we decided to do a day of shopping and headed to Macy’s. Definitely big enough to spend the day there, and picked up some great bargains!


26/11/2012 – An Empire Sunset —
25/11/2012 – Statue of Liberty herself! —
24/11/2012 – Ground Zero —
23/11/2012 – New York City’s Times Square —
22/11/2012 – Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade —