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14/08/16 – Bristol Balloon Fiesta — Aug 14, 2016

14/08/16 – Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Nic and I drove to Bristol today for the annual Balloon Fiesta where we met up with my Mum and Roly! I took my Olympus SLR in an attempt to get back into some ‘proper’ photography. I got some really good shots that I’m pleased with, so I’ll hopefully do a blog post tomorrow on some of the narrowed down ones.

But for now, here’s one of the photos from today’s incredible hot air balloon fiesta. It was another sunny and gorgeous day!


28/10/15 – Following the moon home — Oct 28, 2015

28/10/15 – Following the moon home

A soggy start to the day as I cycled into work in the rain.. but today is yoga day at lunch, so that was nice! I’m also pleased to have finished my analytic work for this project, and back to working on the final visual designs, yay!

I followed the moon the whole cycle home today, it’s massive! I didn’t use my G4 for this photo as it just didn’t have the zoom needed.. So here’s a rouge appearance from the Canon 350D. I’m pleased how it turned out, really shows the size!


28/07/15 – Evening Swim at Brockwell — Jul 28, 2015

28/07/15 – Evening Swim at Brockwell

Back to business today – fitness biz. Finally managed to go running for the first time since I got ill weeks ago and it was bloody knackering.. but very satisfying to be back out there.

After work Nic and I went swimming in Brockwell Lido. There was a small rain shower at one point but we swam for nearly an hour then had dinner in the lido cafe. It was a beautiful evening all round.

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18/02/2014 – Lighter Nights! — Feb 19, 2014

18/02/2014 – Lighter Nights!

Slowly but surely, ray by ray, the evenings are getting lighter once again! Took this as I left Clapham Junction around 6pm, beautiful sky.

Took my bike to get fixed today, hoping to get it back on Thursday. Then met up with the lovely Claire for wine, popcorn and gore movie night! Lovely day.


31/01/2014 – Rainbow Run — Feb 2, 2014

31/01/2014 – Rainbow Run

I ran 6.5km this morning before work, I’m definitely getting back into the swing of it, and thoroughly enjoying it. My knee is still playing up but doesn’t seen to be getting worse, so I’m hoping it’ll recover on it’s own.

This morning’s run was glorious, it did start heavily raining at one point but it was very refreshing and then there was a large rainbow! Friday runs are the best.

Chippy tea and wine with Alister before calling it a relaxing night.


17/01/2014 – Friday Time! — Jan 18, 2014

17/01/2014 – Friday Time!

Started today with a soggy 4 mile run, but I was a happy bunny as it took me 44 minutes, I’m slowly getting back to speed, next task is getting under the ten minute mile. Not long now! Though wet, the mornings are a beautiful time to run in January as the sun rises throughout the run, it can be super beautiful.
Normal day at work (as a side not, I’m totally loving my new job!) then off to the pub with some colleagues. Happy Friday all.


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30/09/2012 – Another Day in Cardiff — Oct 5, 2012

30/09/2012 – Another Day in Cardiff

Another day of not doing much.. Popped into town with my sister to get some shopping done, nothing too exciting. But I’m enjoying just relaxing around my Cardiff home -funny things you miss when you live in a modern flat.. like carpet throughout the house.. and non-leather sofas (hate them!), and curtains! Man I have no luck with blinds..

14/08/2012 – Maria’s Visit! — Aug 15, 2012

14/08/2012 – Maria’s Visit!

Our lovely friend Maria came to visit us today! Myself, Claire and Maria all studied graphic design together at Newport University, and now she’s moved to London, so it was lovely being reunited again. I forgot to take more photos, as I was too busy nattering, but I couldn’t help but take yet -another- sunset photo, the skies just too pretty here!