01/12/20 – A lucky run

Huge moon this morning! It never looks that impressive but it was all very serene as I woke up for a run. I had such a good run that I didn’t even realise a small bird pooed on my top at some point! I’ve been told it’s lucky so I’ve entered the lottery. If youContinue reading “01/12/20 – A lucky run”

09/01/2014 – Cycled in Chelsea

As much as I’m looking forward to the late nights and beaming sun that the summer months will (hopefully) bring, I do like the pretty night views I get of London whilst cycling home. Tonight I rode home the longer route so I could take this photo of Chelsea Bridge. Last time I tried myContinue reading “09/01/2014 – Cycled in Chelsea”

12/11/2013 – Movie Night!

Tonight was movie night at Yarek’s with the boys, which I’m hoping will be a regular occurrence as it’s was really fun. We got Dominos and watched “There Will Be Blood” which shamefully was the first time I’ve seen it. It was a heavy film for a Tuesday night, but I really enjoyed it over all.Continue reading “12/11/2013 – Movie Night!”

02/11/2013 – It’s Bonfire Night!

Well, not quite, but it was for me! I have my friend’s birthday plans on the 5th so I went to see the Morden firework display! I’d highly recommend it, though if I’m still in London next year I’m going to be checking out the Ally Pally ones as apparently they were a lot cheaperContinue reading “02/11/2013 – It’s Bonfire Night!”

05/11/2012 – Bonfire Night with Nick!

  Yaayy, it’s one of my favourite days of the year – Bonfire night! Nick and I headed to Wimbledon for an amazing event that had two fireworks shows and two bonfires, it was brilliant! We also brought along sparklers, awesome!

17/10/2012 – Dungeon and the Eye

After work Nick  and I went to the London Dungeons and the London Eye! I was very scared for the dungeons, I hate people jumping out on me, but it was amazing! We had such a good time, I definitely screamed a few times, but the rides were awesome, and the actors were very scaryContinue reading “17/10/2012 – Dungeon and the Eye”

29/08/2012 – Round two: Paralympics!

Tonight was the opening ceremony of the Paralympics! We know this from the amount of helicopters that have reappeared around Bow area, but we’re happy to see fireworks again. I’ll be sad when it’s all over, it’s been great fun. And I’m looking forward to catching some of the upcoming events!

27/07/2012 – Olympics Opening Ceremony!

So tonight we watched the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, and it did not let us down! We really enjoyed it, and felt really patriotic! The fireworks were fantastic at the end, and this by far is my favourite photo I took! We didn’t expect the red statue to have fireworks also, greatContinue reading “27/07/2012 – Olympics Opening Ceremony!”