12/11/2013 – Movie Night!

Tonight was movie night at Yarek’s with the boys, which I’m hoping will be a regular occurrence as it’s was really fun. We got Dominos and watched “There Will Be Blood” which shamefully was the first time I’ve seen it. It was a heavy film for a Tuesday night, but I really enjoyed it over all.Continue reading “12/11/2013 – Movie Night!”

22/10/2013 – Holiday at Home

Getting back into the habit of taking DSLR out with me when I go travelling. (Though travelling is probably a lose term for my current residence which is still London, just in a more central hotel). This is a shot I’ve been dying to get for sometime, but never found the time. Finally, I gotContinue reading “22/10/2013 – Holiday at Home”

17/10/2012 – Dungeon and the Eye

After work Nick  and I went to the London Dungeons and the London Eye! I was very scared for the dungeons, I hate people jumping out on me, but it was amazing! We had such a good time, I definitely screamed a few times, but the rides were awesome, and the actors were very scaryContinue reading “17/10/2012 – Dungeon and the Eye”