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01/12/2012 – New York Jammies and Jet Lag — Dec 5, 2012
29/11/2012 – Last Snap of a Beautiful City —

29/11/2012 – Last Snap of a Beautiful City

This was my last photo of New York City – The Rockefeller Christmas Tree in all its glory. We left the hotel (we stayed in the Waldorf Astoria by the way, it was just beautiful!) at 5;30am to get to the airport, but asked the taxi to go via the tree as it was only lit last night, and if you weren’t camping out from that morning, you had no chance at getting close!

This has been a fantastic holiday, another that I will never forget. Part of this trip was to bask in our new memories and not cry about the past, I have my mum and sister to thank for the fact I laugh a million times more than I cry, and for that, I could never say thank you enough.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

28/11/2012 – A Stroll to Say Goodbye —
27/11/2012 – We met the Man himself —

27/11/2012 – We met the Man himself

Yes, yes, it’s true, in Macy’s infact – and he was lovely! The childless inside of me will never end, and this seriously made my day. Meeting Santa, in New York, in Macy’s. This was a great day, apart from the weather – it chucked it down! So we decided to do a day of shopping and headed to Macy’s. Definitely big enough to spend the day there, and picked up some great bargains!


26/11/2012 – An Empire Sunset —
24/11/2012 – Ground Zero —
23/11/2012 – New York City’s Times Square —
22/11/2012 – Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade —
21/11/2012 – First day in New York —
20/11/2012 – I’m going to New York tomorrow! —