01/12/2012 – New York Jammies and Jet Lag

I’m still tremendously jet-lagged, marvellous! But hey, look at my fancy jammies, guess where I got them?! Oh and I still haven’t unpacked..

29/11/2012 – Last Snap of a Beautiful City

This was my last photo of New York City – The Rockefeller Christmas Tree in all its glory. We left the hotel (we stayed in the Waldorf Astoria by the way, it was just beautiful!) at 5;30am to get to the airport, but asked the taxi to go via the tree as it was only lit last night, andContinue reading “29/11/2012 – Last Snap of a Beautiful City”

28/11/2012 – A Stroll to Say Goodbye

Our last full day in New York City. We decided to spend the day making the most of this beautiful city, and first went for a walk around Central Park, and then to the “High Line” a disused train line that is being converted into a garden walkway across the city. Lovely way to drawContinue reading “28/11/2012 – A Stroll to Say Goodbye”

27/11/2012 – We met the Man himself

Yes, yes, it’s true, in Macy’s infact – and he was lovely! The childless inside of me will never end, and this seriously made my day. Meeting Santa, in New York, in Macy’s. This was a great day, apart from the weather – it chucked it down! So we decided to do a day of shopping and headed toContinue reading “27/11/2012 – We met the Man himself”

26/11/2012 – An Empire Sunset

Today is Mummy Steph’s birthday! In the evening we went up the Rockefeller Tower to watch the sunrise, it was the most beautiful evening I think I’ve witnessed. Highly recommended if you’re in New York!

24/11/2012 – Ground Zero

We visited Ground Zero today, the memorial site for the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers. It was a sollum atmosphere, very peaceful and respectful. We spent a lot of today on the hop-on-hop-off NYC tour bus learning more about the areas, but my was it damned cold!

23/11/2012 – New York City’s Times Square

Another full packed day exploring New York City! We spent a lot of aboard the hop-on-hop-off tour bus, getting our bearings of the different areas. New York is proving to be a very exciting city with so much always going on. It’s definitely the city that doesn’t sleep, and I’m loving it!

22/11/2012 – Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Our full first day in New York City, and what a day it was! It’s Thanks Giving, so we went to watch the Thanks Giving Parade! We’re very lucky the dates we’re here, we get to experience Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas preparations! A lot more photos will be posted to my flickr (www.flickr.com/photos/kultapanda)

21/11/2012 – First day in New York

Holiday has commenced, and set off to a brilliant start. Due to my sister being Cabin Crew for BA we managed to get an upgrade to Club Class by paying a bit extra (but no where near the full price thank goodness). It was wonderful, and make the journey so nice! We arrived late andContinue reading “21/11/2012 – First day in New York”

20/11/2012 – I’m going to New York tomorrow!

Packing has commenced and been completed! And that’s how I role. NEW YORK TOMORROW! (And my Mum’s birthday present safely tucked away)