16/11/20 – Forgotten self care

I’ve been letting things slip recently with looking after myself. So last night I took some time to file down and paint my nails in a fun pattern, then after dinner tonight I had a lush soak in the bath reading more Harry Potter. I feel so much better from it and I can’t recommendContinue reading “16/11/20 – Forgotten self care”

16/11/15 – Season of Sparkles!

I did my first ever interview today where I was the interviewer not the interviewee! We’re currently hiring at my work and I’m involved in the process, so that’s pretty fun. Other than that it’s been a normal Monday and good start to the week – I also beat my cycling home PB! I alsoContinue reading “16/11/15 – Season of Sparkles!”

03/11/15 – Steph’s evening!

Nic is away in Denmark now until Friday. I’m already missing him as the house feels so empty without him! But I did get some well earned ‘me’ time this evening in the form of nail painting and pizza.. Tried to go for something a bit different as I’m quite pleased how it turned out.Continue reading “03/11/15 – Steph’s evening!”

15/01/2014 – Footie Mani

Stayed home tonight and watched the football with my housemate whilst doing my nails, my ideal relaxing evening. I spotted a polish I liked in a girl’s collection on reddit, told her, and she posted it to me! How lovely of her! It’s the blue in this manicure, I love it. Happy Steph!

17/11/2013 – Clashing Can be Cool

Whoops, another nail post so soon! Today was a day to relax, and I did just that. Painted my nails, watched TV, and went on a lovely work around Battersea. I do my nails so often you’d think I can coordinate with outfits, but no, I often get this sort of clashing going on… AhContinue reading “17/11/2013 – Clashing Can be Cool”

03/11/2013 – Girlie Post!

I’m not sure how much I talk about nails on here, but if you’ve come from my twitter, you’ll know I’m an avid nail painter. Well, recently I’ve been more of an avid nibbler, so I invested in OPI’s nail envy, and have been using it for just over a week now and loving it.Continue reading “03/11/2013 – Girlie Post!”

07/10/2013 – Freelancing in Design

Today is my first day back in work after leaving Awin last month. I’m working freelance at the moment, two weeks at a medical PR company in central London. It’s a big change! I’m quickly learning both the negatives and positives to working freelance (more money, more unstable). I’ve learnt so much over the last monthContinue reading “07/10/2013 – Freelancing in Design”

06/10/2013 – Hold onto the Memories

Back to reality already! On the train home to London, clasping onto my beautiful present from Nicola for being one of three bridesmaids. I think it’s gorgeous, and such a kind thought. It’s a shame the weekend is already over, but it was such a wonderful opportunity to spend time with all of my family.

05/10/2013 – The Big Day

Today was Nic and Ben’s big day, and it was nothing short of fantastic. I loved being a bridesmaid, and felt so privileged to be in that position. Congratulations to them, and thank you for such a wonderful day.

04/10/2013 – I’m on the rooooad again

I seem to be doing so much travelling recently, and this weekend is no different. As mentioned previously, it’s my cousin Nic’s wedding tomorrow and I’m one of three bridesmaids! Today consisted of travelling up to Wilmslow for the rehearsal and family dinner. It’s a lot soggier up north it seems, but I’ve been informedContinue reading “04/10/2013 – I’m on the rooooad again”