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16/11/15 – Season of Sparkles! — Nov 16, 2015

16/11/15 – Season of Sparkles!

I did my first ever interview today where I was the interviewer not the interviewee! We’re currently hiring at my work and I’m involved in the process, so that’s pretty fun. Other than that it’s been a normal Monday and good start to the week – I also beat my cycling home PB!

I also did my first glittery manicure of the season! Christmas nails are the best nails. But now I’m finding glitter everywhere.. Oh dear!


03/11/15 – Steph’s evening! — Nov 4, 2015
15/01/2014 – Footie Mani — Jan 18, 2014

15/01/2014 – Footie Mani

Stayed home tonight and watched the football with my housemate whilst doing my nails, my ideal relaxing evening.

I spotted a polish I liked in a girl’s collection on reddit, told her, and she posted it to me! How lovely of her! It’s the blue in this manicure, I love it. Happy Steph!


17/11/2013 – Clashing Can be Cool — Nov 19, 2013
03/11/2013 – Girlie Post! — Nov 7, 2013

03/11/2013 – Girlie Post!

I’m not sure how much I talk about nails on here, but if you’ve come from my twitter, you’ll know I’m an avid nail painter.

Well, recently I’ve been more of an avid nibbler, so I invested in OPI’s nail envy, and have been using it for just over a week now and loving it. Here’s a picture of my week’s progress (sorry they’re slightly grubby!). I’d highly recommend it, it’s a bit steep at ÂŁ20 from John, but you’d pay that for one manicure anyway, so I think it’s worth it (and it’s much cheaper online!)


07/10/2013 – Freelancing in Design — Oct 8, 2013

07/10/2013 – Freelancing in Design

Today is my first day back in work after leaving Awin last month. I’m working freelance at the moment, two weeks at a medical PR company in central London. It’s a big change! I’m quickly learning both the negatives and positives to working freelance (more money, more unstable).

I’ve learnt so much over the last month (how NOT to spend money whilst in London being the main thing) it’s made September absolutely fly by with so much going on. It was nice to have a ‘break’ but it’s definitely nicer being back in a job. I do love designing.


06/10/2013 – Hold onto the Memories —